Riot reveals the durability changes of League of Legends Patch 12.10

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced today that some of them implement major changes to the durability of his champions. League of Legends Patch 12.10's durability changes aim to reduce the total damage- a long-standing problem with the popular Moba game- by improving the basic health together with the health and resistance cold of each champions, which means that it become more robust.

Riot weighs the advantages and disadvantages of League in his current, more burth of bursting and those proposed in the new changes and says that a good number of spectators enjoy high-kill games, because “it leads to more exciting professional metas and rewarded Good game with killings, which is much more satisfactory than just forcing someone to remember. "However, a lower survival ability" also has disadvantages that outweigh these positive aspects ".

Since mushy carrys and supports fight to profile themselves in games in which they are often deleted with little or no counterplay, the score leads to the game clarity in these one shots, according to Riot, "to frustrating experiences".

However, the studio does not want to “over” Burst champions and believes that Burst can be good for the game-high-burst champions that are fed enough should still be able to either complete or even partially To kill rotation, depending on how far they are ahead.

Champion Durability Update is MASSIVE! Coming soon in Patch 12.10!

Has left a few thoughts on the upcoming durability update. A reservation is that we expressly do not want to overdo the changes.

We want to find a good balance between a meaningful reduction in the damage, but not to vibrate so much that the classes become obsolete.

-Matt Leung-Harrison (@riotphroxzon) 6. May 2022

How hopefully this will feel in their LOL-ranking games, "Burst champs have to push one or two buttons more than before to achieve 100-0 kills for a certain amount of lead," says Riot. Ultimately, the players now have a larger time window to make their attackers before they are sent back to the fountain.

This also affects team fight scenarios. The studio believes that shorter, bursting team fights are “difficult to follow, limit the possibilities of the players, to make clever decisions/to show their skills, and ultimately do not do justice to the epic struggle of legends that should offer fantasy team fights.” Hopefully we will see the rest of the season more team fights than team explosions.

Due to the increase in basic health, health per level, armor per level and magician resistance of each champions, Riot indicates that there will also be "some adjustments to the surrounding systems of the crack to ensure that they are correctly adjusted, relative to the increased durability.. "

Therefore, Sustain should be reduced to ensure that the burst threshold values are reached, while Baron Nashor and Turits could get a thrust to ensure that they do enough damage. Finally, Riot tries to strengthen the manar generation in order to compensate for the fact that Champions have to throw more spells to secure a kill, even though the studio says that it has already adapted certain elements in the last patches and “continue to do so Will after the start ”.

With the hope that League's damage problem could finally come to an end, mushy connoisseurs can start to believe that they are more than just a glorified 300-gold magician-unless they sprint in a nearby one Rengar.