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Ahead of the launch of the new government on the 10th, the Presidential Acquisition Committee selected the six national goals and the 110th national affairs. It also revealed the national vision of “Korea to make a leap forward, the country of the people who live well together”. In the 22nd anniversary of its launch, GDINET Korea has prepared a series of intensive checks on the ICT field among the 110th government tasks of the new government. [Editor]

① Telecommunications broadcasting and OTT platform field

'Network is more powerful for content'

Yoon Seok -yeol's government's telecommunications and broadcasting content sectors can be summarized in a word.

First of all, the telecommunications sector plans to open the 5G network by completing the 5G national network by increasing the network of 5G and spreading the 5G network and the spread of convergence services such as the spread of specialized networks. In addition, the company plans to develop core technologies for preoccupying 6G standards to secure future network leadership.

In the media sector, the establishment of a dedicated media ministry, which President Yoon Seok -yeol has been steadily mentioned since his candidate, was included in the national task. It also included an initiative to strengthen its global competitiveness of online video services (OTT) and content.

■ 5G national network proliferation and 6G commercialization will develop the network

The Yoon Seok -yeol administration cited the completion of 5G national networks, the spread of 5G specialized networks nationwide, and the spread of 5G convergence services as the next generation network development strategy. The future food is 6G and announced that it will release a prototype in 2026.

Earlier, the Transition Committee announced that it will complete the construction of 5G national networks in farming and fishing villages by 2024 and double the 5G frequency by 2026. The company plans to continue to spread the 5G specialty network that companies build their own in factories and buildings.

6G is expected to implement early commercialization strategy. By 2026, the company plans to develop core technologies for preoccupying 6g standards to secure future network leadership.

The industry is seeing the possibility of early commercialization of 6g. The Ministry of Science and ICT has already operated the 6G Strategic Committee and started developing core technologies worth KRW 222 billion over last year. The new government is expected to go one step further to promote low -orbit satellite communications and 6G PPP (Public Private Partnership) policies.

An official from the industry said, “We see a lot of investments in the world's first commercialization of the world, so we see 6g as a future food.” did.

■ 'Media Strategy Control Tower' installation

In the media sector, the company will coordinate the understanding of the market regulated by various ministries. Mr. Yoon said he would establish a media innovation committee since his candidate to find governance, including government, corporations, academia, and civil society, and to discuss the competitiveness of the media industry.

After gathering opinions through the media revolution, the law and system of the media will be reorganized. The current broadcasting law system was implemented in 2000 when terrestrial broadcasting had an absolute influence. 22 years later, the media environment has moved from terrestrial center to OTT, so it is urgent to maintain the system to strengthen the competitiveness of broadcasting content.

The industry is expecting that the standard for ownership of the stake in the terrestrial broadcasters, Jongpyeon, and sidewalk channels can be loosened. Last month, Park Sung -jung, the Ministry of Science and Technology Education, said, “The specific restrictions, such as the total asset standard of 20 trillion won, should be revised.” An official of the industry said, "For content competitiveness, huge capital must be invested.

28 - Networking Media

There are also concerns that media revolutions can be turned into double -gyu -gyu -ji organizations. According to the Commission, the Media Innovation Committee acts as a think tank that collects various ideas, and the execution of media policy and overall regulation are in relevant ministries. Park explained, "Temporary Organization," but the industry says, "The specific direction must be seen, but it is true that there is concern about effectiveness."

■ The plan to strengthen OTT global competitiveness is

In order to strengthen the global competitiveness of indigenous OTTs, we will implement promotion policies in various ways. It is also discussing ways to support the support of content production expenses and self-grade systems through revisions such as the Telecommunications Business Act, and to create a large-scale private K-OTT fund to invest in production support.

In the meantime, OTT has not been able to benefit from various promotion policies, such as content production tax deductions because of the lack of legal definition. In the meantime, global OTT has spent huge money on the production of content, and it has been pointed out that tax support for domestic OTTs is needed to secure competitiveness.

Netflix will invest more than 20 trillion won in content alone this year. The cost of investing in Korean content is also 900 billion won. In the case of domestic OTT, Teabing is 400 billion won by 2023 and the wave is 1 trillion won by 2025.

The industry is good to gather in the direction of promoting OTT, but it is necessary to take more effective measures. In particular, we expect not only to support content production costs but also to tax support for investment costs.

An official from Korea OTT said, "The tax support currently being discussed is focused on production costs, and it is necessary to support investment in investment in order to encourage investment."

Roh Chang -hee, a researcher at the Digital Industry Policy Research Institute, said, “The content industry creates a great value by creating a huge job as a labor -intensive industry.”


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