The sensibility of the original Snow Brothers did not miss

The Snow Brothers Nick & Tom Special, developed by retro professional game developer CRT Games, started the gamers' eye coating through the game show Ruricon held by the Play Expo before the official launch. On the 14th, Rurikon, CEO of CRT Games participated in the game, and had a time to answer questions related to the game along with the demonstration of the game.

Snow Brothers Nick & Tom Special is a title that remake the Snow Brothers, developed by the Toa Plan in 1990. The core elements of the series, such as cute visuals, comfortable operation, and two -person simultaneous play, are added, while adding new elements such as 30 stages, monster challenge mode, and time attack.

Snow Brothers - Hack ( Super plus Cure Edition ) Gameplay Through this, 'Snow Brothers Nick & Tom Special' will deliver pleasure not only to the original fans but also to users who are new to Snow Brothers.

The new element was added, but most of the features of the first were maintained. The following jump system is typical. As there are a lot of gamers who are familiar with the second episode, they may have been able to improve the jump below, but Snow Brothers Nick & Tom Special has chosen to maintain the original emotion even if it is uncomfortable. In this regard, Lim Sung -gil said, "I received a similar opinion from an overseas publisher official. did.

On the other hand, Lim Sung -gil said, "If the game is successful, I think it will be possible for the two -e -lemake that users have been waiting for. I ask for a lot of love."


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