Diablo Immortal: Legendary items farm

Legendary items are very popular. Not only do the armor and weapons look chic, but also donate a bunch of bonuses for your character. In this guide you can find out:

  • What kind of legendary items there are
  • What you have to consider when finding the objects
  • Like your best legendary items farm

By the way, our tips guide to Diablo Immortal reveals the most important tricks for getting started.

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What are legendary items in Diablo Immortal?

Legendary items are the most important equipment in Diablo Immortal. ** You improve or change skills that have already been learned and increase your character values. Important: The coveted armor parts and weapons are class-related. So you cannot transfer legendary items to another character slot.

You can cover a total of six places with legendary items: head, shoulders, chest, legs, weapons hand and side. If an area is already documented by a better object, you can disassemble the part with the blacksmith. This gives you raw materials and upgrades for other objects.

You also have the opportunity to upgrade the legendary items and thus improve their values. On the one hand, this works with the blacksmith, on the other hand, gemstones can be used . The latter only works if your object has a base and only with legendary gemstones.

so your legendary objects farm

Blizzard has so far not made the exact for a legendary item drop public, but many players strongly assume that the probability is very low. Nevertheless, you have some ways to increase the drop rate a little.

increase level of difficulty

The more difficult the game, the better loot leave the monsters. This rule of thumb also applies to Diablo Immortal and overall you can increase the level of difficulty by four further stages (guide). To activate the various hell modes, you first have to end the main story and reach Level 60. This unlocks the paragon system, which allows you to collect paragon points. You use this to activate the difficulty levels of hell 1, hell 2, hell 3 and hell 4.

participation in world events

With the activation of hell 2 you get the authorization to take part in world events. In these activities, several players join groups to counter a particularly large boss. But be careful: with a low level and weak equipment you quickly end as a demon feed.


If you are the weakest member of the group, keep your distance and trust ranged attacks. To complete a world event you will be rewarded with various equipment ** and with a little luck there is also a legendary item.

searches for Fahir's grave

Fahir's grave is a vault in the Shassar-Sea , which not only houses many bosses, but also several chests for looting. Follow the order assigned to you on the map and mainly go into the empty rooms-here you usually find a chest.

Red skull , on the other hand, indicate bosses near you. It is also very lucrative because it drops a lot of loot-including sometimes legendary items. Tip: The last opponent, which is called colossal, can leave a legendary one-handed sword in his death.

proves yourself in the PvP-Arena

You have the best chance of legendary items in the PvP arena. Connect with three allies and defeat the opposing team. As a reward, a chest with a guaranteed legendary object is waiting for you.

If you die during the battle, you are out of the fight, but your team can still win. And this then donates the reward to every team member. Much luck.

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