Ming-Jackie Love 'LOL e-Sports Manager' in July CBT

League of Legends e-sports manager, which directly manages League of Legends Pro, will be preparing for full-scale service with China's test in July.


Tencent unveiled the game's service schedule through the conference 'Spark 2022' on the 27th. LOL e-sports manager, which was first unveiled at the 2019 League of Legends service 10th anniversary event, is a spin-off game based on LOL as its name. Unlike the wild drift, which is a mobile version of LOL, the player will be a summoner to manage esports professional players instead of playing games.

As the direction of the game has moved to management and operations, teams and teams through transfer and training are major play content. Professional players have their own play styles, such as the use of champions and skills, and the combination is important. Therefore, the team can construct a team in consideration of the team's smooth cooperation. In addition to the player's style, there is also a ability to showcase the ability to play, but it can be a team with high stats.

Before the game, team players can be upgraded, and championships and tactical research can improve their ability to perform. In the training process, the interaction between players can increase the crush and a dialogue with the athlete.

In the game, Banpic, which has a great influence on tactical performances like actual coaches and coaches, is directly performed. In the game, you can use a specific card to induce large-scale engagements or gather in front of the dragon, so you can also direct direct strategies that affect wins and losses.

Meanwhile, Tencent announced the start of the game in China's open beta test in July. In addition, preliminary reservations are provided with SSR-grade beans and test information is not destroyed, Tencent said. The beta test is expected to be able to play game play similar to the official service. However, the league application version other than LPL was not introduced on this day.


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