Package cannot be delivered: fake-e

The anticipation of a package is quickly gone when an email comes from customs. But wait a minute, is it really real? fraudsters knows the facts about the fake.

Dortmund-a shopping trip to the USA, to Japan or Australia can be so easy. Snap the smartphone, tablet or laptop, select international shop and off you go. Because many shops offer international shipping. However, fraudsters also take advantage of this. In a fake email from customs, you want to tap customs for the packages.


package allegedly does not arrive: fraudsters want to tap customs

Above all, people are affected by the current fraud stitch who currently expect a package from other EU countries. Customs can actually be raised on these goods, but the scammers' approach has nothing to do with that of the customs.

The fraudulent mails from the criminals have been on the road for a while, according toConsumer Center NRW_. The procedure and the content of the messages are usually the same. The mails often come from senders such as norepl[email protected] or [email protected], even look reasonably serious.

package is said to be stuck in customs: fraudsters are targeting Paysafecard

In the message, the recipients are then informed that a package cannot be delivered to them before the customs were not paid. The fraudsters ask to pay a fee between juicy 50 and 100 euros with a so-called Paysafecard.

This service provider sells credit pin codes. If you have such a code, you can freely dispose of the credit, the fraudsters can have the amount paid out or use it on the Internet. The problem with the matter-especially for the victims: it is difficult to trace back. The money is often gone (more current warnings at fraudsters).

package hangs in customs? Authority indicates fraud and provides information

Anyone who has already sent out the code but still noticed the fraud can quickly try to have the Paysafecard locked. This works on the payment service provider's homepage. But there is only the possibility until the code has been redeemed-consumers should therefore act quickly.

Customs also warns of this procedure and points out that payments of tariffs are to be made without exception on accounts of the Federal Treasury at the Deutsche Bundesbank. The customs further indicates the following:

This kind of emails can be confidently ignored and moved to the spam folder. Especially if you don't expect a package from abroad anyway.

Rubric list picture: © Ronny Hartmann/Imago


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