Fate upgrade notes 2 upgrade 2.8.1

  • Correction of a problem that stopped Ward of Dawn from producing orbs of light.
  • Correction of a problem in which Ward of Dawn could not be turned on by holding a sword.
  • Correction of a problem where the launch of Nova Bomb did not consume your melee ability (harmonization of cravings).

Seasonal mod sockets have been added to all the armor offered from the world goes down, which is superb information, as this considerably raises the significance of these declines. In spite of the launch of the Guardian Games today, he is really little pointed out in the update notes, so it seems that we will have to study the game to figure out what is going on there.


Update 2.8.1 of Destiny 2 has actually gotten here, making many pest improvements. Felwinter's helm has actually been dealt with for the Warlocks, which is good, because it was the only new exotic they had this season.

You will certainly discover the complete spot notes below.

Embles and trackers

  • The exotic leg shield of the Phoenix az cradle of the Titanix currently properly produces sundas that have an extended period as well as use their advantages to the allies when the Titan carrying the shield is eliminated by a weapon when he stands in a solar discolor.
  • Correction of a problem where the exotic helm of the gang-sorcier of the demonstration was not activated effectively after having actually changed as well as reactivated the element.
  • Correction of a problem where certain faction armor did not permit gamers properly to apply accessories for rallying intrigues.
  • Seasonal mod sockets have actually been included in all the armor readily available worldwide. Consult this post for even more information.
  • The gamers who met the necessary problems, however lacked reputation accessories for the lair of the Eater of Globes raid, will certainly now see them opened as well as available for usage.
  • New gamers can constantly get prominent ornaments by completing the Raid Prestige (heroic) Eater of Worlds denum with the appropriate Manager Léviathan difficulties.
  • Correction of a problem that might stop Eater of Worlds Reputation ornaments from showing up in the decorative place on the appropriate raid devices.
  • The Gantelets of the Titan of the Aeon Safe Exotic currently provide the exact same impact requirement in scrum on its info-bubble screens as well as details.
  • The Memento Layer ornament for the exotic onslaughts of Shinobu pledge hunters will certainly currently correctly change the object symbol to reflect the adjustment of look.
  • The exotic ornament a pretty tiara of deception is now useful on the variation of year 1 of the Warlock Exotic Crown of Tempests.
  • The Nano Redux Exotic ornament can currently be made use of on the variation of year 1 of the Hunter Exotic Raiden Flux upper body shield.
  • The Huskcrushers Exotic accessory can now be made use of on the year 1 variation of the Titan Exotic Dunemarkets leg shield.
  • The Large Arm Reserves Large Shield Mod currently supplies munition reserves for hunting rifles appropriately.




  • Nightfall: The Challenge Grandmaster trouble currently grants the development of the driver of exotic weapon Season Pass Season Pass.
  • Moles Crimson Day now have a proper event lattice (it was The Dawning).
  • Individual dual emotes purchased independently from a set can currently be opened up.
  • The global accessories sold for Bright Dust in the Eververse shop currently properly display the message currently purchased on the account when had.
  • Correction of a problem that made the ornament of Universal Warlock Season Pass, wrongly triggered the universal unlocking of an unpublished occasion.
  • Osiris Ghost Shell tests will certainly currently be deleted with advantages connected to crucible.

  • The emblem Playin The Chances acquired thanks to the mission for the intro of Gambit is currently constantly recoverable from the collections.

  • The players that completed the Mjolnir mission, yet that have not appropriately received the divine being of the rifle with exotic traces, will certainly currently see it opened as well as available to rule in their collections.
  • Athletes who completed the Renégats project will find the entry of the legends publication of The Lawless Frontier by thy tongue be damned ended up as well as offered to case.
  • Symbol metrics have actually been added for the followers of symbols that existed before 2.8.0 and display the very same information as before.
  • Trackers added:
  • Period 8 Season Pass Ranking won
  • Period 9 Season Pass Rank Gagné
  • Fractaline offered
  • Kill as a sentinel titan
  • Kill as an assaulting titan
  • Kill as a Titan Sun Brise
  • Kill as a Flowwalker hunter
  • Kill as a Nightstalker seeker
  • Kill as a firearm seeker
  • Kill as a storm implorer demonstration
  • Kill as a presentation of dawn
  • Kill as a demonstration Voidwalker
  • Gold medals won
  • Longer series of success on splendor
  • Reset of overall value
  • Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completions
  • Kill the final employers in the climbing of the hive
  • Headache pursues finished in problem master
  • Medal tracker-7th column
  • Medal tracker-Annihilation
  • Medal tracker-We no more have medals
  • Medal tracker-Ghost in the night
  • Medal tracker-This crown is mine
  • Medal tracker-I did it for you
  • Medal tracker-undefeated
  • Victories in Tests of the Nine
  • Remarkable tickets in TRIALS OF THE NINE
  • Victims in double purple
  • Opponents beat under the effects of the iron load
  • Black Armory Forge conclusion
  • Kill the haunted fears of woodlands
  • Inmost branch of the haunted woodland gotten rid of

FFXIV: * Oven dishes * Branches of environment-friendly forest finished * Number of Revelric light triggers during the Celebration * Level 3 dating finished throughout the computation * Menagerie conclusion * Cornement of the brave menagerie * Sweet got

Power and progression

  • Correction of a problem where the invulnerability beam of lights of the servant champ did not appear during the events of the Seraph tower.
  • Correction of a chain recognizing the 4 weapons Seraph to consist of words source: to make sure that the gamers understand where to obtain the weapons.
  • Correction of a problem where the Rasputin benefit, The Lost Standards did not have the traditional mixing games.
  • Addition of task healing function in the trials checking out listing.
  • Correction of a problem where the full degree of a destination shelter often did not open the victory of Warmind safety.
  • The seasonal victories finished field currently boosts when the accomplishments are finished.
  • Enhancement of VEX obstacles to the epic lost field of the Oulan-Tan bosquet.
  • Correction of a problem in the public occasion Seraph Towers where Ana's dialogue constantly called the rounded towers when the towers were damaged and also the champions were existing in the final stage.
  • Correction of a problem with the heavy structure that appeared much from its platform in the legendary profession sectors of the profession as well as La Scavenger on Edz.
  • Correction of a problem influencing the difficulty of scaling numerous tasks, in specific the goals whisper of the worm as well as Absolutely no Hr.


  • Finish Warden of Nothing currently counts for a boss eliminated for the regular premium Strike: Offer the Servitors.
  • Correction of a problem that caused the goalkeeper to provide double rewards to the champs.
  • For the exotic pursuit Wish-Ender, all the gamers that lacked non-loaded tokens after making their amulet awake and having actually completed the ??? secret objective, will now find them in their prosecution.
  • If a player's suits are total, he will certainly locate the symbols not loaded once he has actually launched area, after that will certainly be offered in orbit or reconnected to Fate 2.
  • Fantasizing City's upper bodies attribute twinkle again.
  • Correction of a problem that stopped players from getting the significance of the Bad Juju goal on the various other side, avoiding the mission for the poor juju exotic spellbound.
  • A player can locate himself in a negative state if, before being himself in the pursuit, he joined an additional player at the appropriate pursuit phase, completed the goal beyond, obtained the gasoline, After that bound it to obtain Bad Juju.
  • Players in this inadequate problem, that obtained Bad Juju and finished the goal on the other side, however that have not end up the exotic pursuit linked to spells, will certainly currently have the ability to link the essence to the church to complete it. When the gamers tried to put their wide awake Talisman to the statuary of Sjur Eido in the dungeon of the broken throne, * Correction of a problem leading to a crash.

  • Make an alteration to make sure that the costs completed are now arranged at the top of the reward compartment, by grouping them.

  • Pals provided in a gamer's listing should no longer appear in the form of black plates with zero power.

  • 4 resources of effective regular devices upgrades to Peak (+1 ): Crucible obstacles, Strike as well as Gambit and also the weekly clan engram.

  • Correction of a problem where the vendor of the supplier of the tests did not preview the rewards at the right power degree.


  • Correction of a problem with The 4th Horseman where its advantage Broadid can not reproduce its effects on the network.
  • Correction of a problem with the cold launcher by the cyndrical tube head (unique ammo) which caused a significantly reduced breath of breath.

Global Equipment