How to increase the level of happiness in a two -point campus

Happiness is a separate game mechanics, and, therefore, the management of the happiness of your employees and students is extremely important on Two Point Campus.

If your employees are unhappy, they will work poorly. If your students are unhappy, they will begin to leave. Both aspects directly affect the reputation of your university and, in turn, on your ability to make money quickly.

The next leadership will show you how to make your employees and students be happy in the Two Point campus.

How to increase the level of staff happiness in a two-point campus

Give your employees a break

It is important that your employees have enough breaks during working hours. If the employees are overloaded with work, the level of their happiness will decrease, and they will not fulfill their duties well.

Ted Therefore, make sure that your employees receive a proper rest and are not overwork. Remember that if teachers are happy, they will conduct better lessons, which, in turn, will bring higher grades of students. This will help increase your university’s reputation.

If you see that the employee is unhappy and tired, you can send him to the staff room yourself so that he can relax and maintain his level of happiness.

Cleash/Decorate your staff rooms

Your employees will not be satisfied if there are no cleanliness in their teaching rooms. Consequently, continuing the same point of a break for staff, you need to provide your employees access to clean and convenient places to relax.

Hygiene here is in the first place. Make sure that in the rooms for staff there are appropriate places for relaxation and access to bathrooms, as well as food and drinks. Put a trading machine there!

Remember that your employees can also request various items. The implementation of these requests will also increase their level of happiness. You can also add decor, for example, plants and posters, to create a Prestige room, which will allow your employees to feel much happier.

Cool/Heat the rooms for staff

Teachers should feel comfortable to be sure that they show their best results in the class. To do this, you need to install radiators and air conditioners in your campus. They will keep your rooms warmly and cool in winter and summer, respectively.

increase your employees' salary

Sometimes employees want to increase the salary. Although you may think about refusing to increase wages to manage your income, providing them with raising wages will lead to a significant increase in their level of happiness in the game.

How to increase the level of happiness of students in a two-point campus

Give your students clean rooms for relaxation

Students are the same as employees, and they also need to rest. Not to mention the fact that students will not be able to study if they are in stress, which means bad grades.

Make sure you have built spacious dormitories for your students. You also need to ensure that their rest or living rooms are clean. Maintaining hygiene is important for your campus. You do not want an epidemic on your hands.

Give your students access to bathrooms, shower rooms, beds, cabinets and written tables so that they can study and relax. Have several baskets and disinfectants for hands in rooms and on the territory of the campus.

Provide your students with public places

Student rest and student unions are some important options that you should consider if you are dealing with dissatisfied students.

Students have fun and communicate in these areas. Therefore, make sure that many seats, tables, slot machines and games have been prepared for their use. They will also need access to water coolers, vending machines, etc.

Just do not forget to adjust the temperature using radiators and air conditioners. Students are unlikely to relax when in the summer it is unbearably hot.

Give your students access to medical and pastoral rooms

Continuing to pay special attention to maintaining hygiene, it is also important to have medical rooms and rooms of pastoral support.

Please note that these rooms will not necessarily increase the level of happiness. However, they will ensure that the levels do not fall sharply. For example, the wounded student will reduce the level of happiness if he cannot find a medical office where you can go.

holding events and extracurricular activities

Study is not the only activity in the student’s life. Therefore, in order for students to be happy, proper extracurricular activities should be held several times during the school year so that students can forget about the stress of their studies and have fun from time to time, which will make them happy.

Give your students private lessons

Students sometimes worry about failures and unsatisfactory results. In such a scenario, you can build private training rooms and send them to these training rooms for several additional hours of classes, which will increase their level of happiness.

achieve personal goals

Students will send their personal goals to your mailbox. You need to check your mailbox daily and fulfill the goals as soon as possible. Achieving the personal goals of students is the easiest way to make them happy.