LOL: The unbeatable ’record surpassed by UPset that saved Fnatic from a historic collapse

FNATIC is a historical giant of League of Legends European that is not going through its best moment. The team still fights to finish the Summer Split of LEC 2022 in the first squares and at the end it has been eliminated from the playoffs and outside the world championship. It was, after a bad season, in a match against Team Vitality in which they touched the defeat on several occasions. However, when everything seemed to be lost, the figure of a sensational Upset emerged that left all the criticisms he has received for years to beat a historical record of the competitive.


A historical record for League of Legends competitive?

Fnatic could not impose his rhythm in the game against Team Vitality, Fnatic could not impose his rhythm at any time. This situation was particularly motivated by the bad game of Humanoid (Sylas). The Mid Laner was not able to perform at the level that was expected of it throughout the year and was particularly unfortunate in one of the most decisive clashes. However, the smaller the player of the central lane, his partner grew on the top lane. Upset (Zeri) threw the game behind the back. Accompanied at all times of Hylissang (Lulu), The shooter managed to end 14 casualties and a single death on his score.

At this point, League of Legends players already know that the score is not everything. However, there are more data that support UPset's performance. The most spectacular is the damage inflicted on champions. Throughout the duration of the game the shooter subtracted more than 92,400 health points from the enemies , 51.2% of the total team of his team. This data, taking into account that the confrontation lasted 51 minutes places it at an average of 1,804 damage per minute. The figure is enough to *

The statistics of damage per minute are not the best stored throughout the history of the Legends competitive legends and it is very difficult to bring a count on them. However, we know for sure that the figures harvested by UPset suppose a European record. They also serve to overcome some of the most impressive individual actions in history, such as Sneak (Cloud 9) against Team We, which got 1,781 damage per minute in the 2017 Worlds. In any case, the obvious thing is that the player Fnatic has achieved some numbers worthy of going down in League of Legends .

All League of Legends champions accumulate some more life from the launch of patch 12.10 and it is a bit easier to accumulate a little higher damage figures. However, the difference is not used to explain the achievement of UPset. Even if we take into account that the largest values usually get with champions focused on wear and, although the W (Ultralaser download) of Zeri does a long time, he would not enter, he would end up entering this category of champions. In fact, attending to the Soloq situation in diamond or higher ranges, Zeri is only the character 56 in the laclasification of heroes with more damage .

In any case, and it is a lot to say the circumstances, Upset's performance was meritorious beyond the figures of him. The Fnatic player not only gave to a spectacular level, but his level was the most difficult it had his team. Not surprisingly, nine of the last casualties arrived from the 38 the match. A spectacular level of the shooter, which will do the community to think twice before accusing him of failing at the most important moments and has made one last bullet to Fnatic in the fight to reach the Worlds 2022.


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