The fighting game Melty Brad: Type Lumina Neko Ark and Mash will participate on August 19 for free. Adding new skills to all characters and Bos Rush 2, which is centered on Noel, also appeared

PROJECT LUMINA announced on August 8 that the third additional character of Melty Blood: Type Lumina will be distributed on August 19. Nekoalk and Mash Kirierite will participate in this work for free from 15:00 on August 19. At the same time, the story and battle stage of additional characters will also appear. On August 19, a large update, including additional stories of Alcade and Ciel, boss rush 2, and new skills to all characters, will be planned.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is the latest work of the 2D fighting game Melty Blood series that French bread has worked on. In the conventional series, it was based on the worldview of Type-Moon's legendary novel Tsukihime. In this work, the bass was changed to the remake version of Tsukihime to Tsukihime-A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-. At the same time, the graphics and systems have been renewed, and new battles are drawn. As a playable character, 18 characters are currently participating. In addition, this work has a story of each character, but the story is designed by Type-Moon's Kinoko Nasu.

In the update on August 19, Nekoalk and Mash Kirierite first appear as playable characters. The catalk in this work is a celebrity cat (Lumiark) who woke up to a new power Re: make. He's a cat, not a cat, but not a cat, but a mysterious monster that no one knows the relationship with Alkuade.

In the story, Nekoark appeared in Saya City with Mash Crielite to invade the world of this work. A comical and freedom conversation drama seems to be being developed, such as Mash and standing enemies. As a playable character, the field is disturbed with abundant tricky techniques and random techniques. Although it is necessary to devise a short reach and an attack, a comical battle is unfolded as in the previous series, such as many cats and helpers by attacking.

Mash Cirierite is Demi Servant, who has been fused with the hero, belonging to Finnis Caldea, a continuous security agency. In Fate / Grand Order, she is a class sealer girl who walks on a journey of humanity restoration with the master. In the story of this work, Mash falls into Tono House from a certain trouble, solving the abnormalities of the city. Set in Saya City at night, encounters and conversations with the characters of Tsukihime are held.

Mash has another story. In a story that is inscribed as Mash B, Mash falls into a world he has never seen. She encountered Neko Ark there and decided to cooperate for each other's purpose. Due to Nekoalk, it seems that the story of Mash B can be expected to be comical. Mash as a playable character is a standard performance character that uses a huge shield. There are techniques that rush while accepting the opponent's attack with a shield, and multiple techniques with different intervals, and is also recommended for players who do not usually play fighting games. As a stage to add Nekoalk and Mash, the world where Neko Ark lives, the Great Cats Village R, and the Fate Intersection, which expresses the downtown area of Soya. A new stage BGM is also available.

In the update, three scenarios are added to the Story for one-player, boss rush 2, arcweid B, and Ciel B. In Boss Rush 2, a story centered on Noel developed by Kinoko Nasu. In Alcweid B and Ciel B, a scenario by ACPI, a guest writer of Fate/Grand Order, is drawn under the scenario original draft and supervision by Kinoko Nasu. The update has enhanced the production, and in the adventure part, the character drawn in dots seems to move around the screen with animation. According to the comments of Kamon Serizawa in Type-Moon Times 2022 Summer SP, it is not only the scenario added this time, but also what has been implemented so far.

For additional content, all characters are added to 5 patterns and color palets, and three custom color frames are added.


According to the announcement on August 7, this update will make a large-scale adjustment. First, a major change is made to the shield. Specifically, the number of frames, including the increase in rigidity, has been reviewed, the moon icon is reduced during the shield hold, some attacks cannot be prevented by the shield, and the landing stiffness increases when a jump attack is shielded. The shield is weakened, such as being distributed. According to a video message by Mr. Kamon Serizawa, the development director of this work, the shield was reduced this time because the turn was replaced at a stretch at the time of success, despite the risk.

In the battle, the invincibility of the Moon Drive has been deleted, and a new technique has been added to all characters. Combo using special moves makes it easier to connect, and new combo has become a big adjustment. As for the battle adjustment policy, you can play more freely and unique, and adjust the characteristics of the character, and it is likely that a unique battle will be developed for each character. In addition, there are also improvements in the game mode, such as subdivision of rank match ranks, replay mode rewind and frames, such as replay mode rewinding and frames.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is being distributed for PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). As of August 8, 35 % of the platforms are also on sale.


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