How to complete the Golden Slumber world mission in Genshin Impact

Tea Golden Mission of the world of Genshin Impact version 3.1 presents completely new characters and vast locations to explore. In this guide, we will help him on the way by explaining the intricate puzzles and hidden areas that he must unlock in this task. In addition, we will provide details about each chapter of the story to provide a better search perspective.

The search for gold sleep in Genshin Impact

The first part of Golden Slumber Quest begins when you enter the new desert region of Genshin Impact. Since this story is quite complex, you can consult our guide on the Lost in the Sands mission to advance this task. Once the players end this narrative, they will unlock the following mission, introduction to interior archeology.

Introduction to Interior Archeology

The mission Introduction to Interior Archeology in Genshin Impact is found in the darkest part of the map. Therefore, players can unlock the statue of the seven Pedro before exploring this last region.

After reaching the location near the mausoleum of King Debut in the Golden Slumber mission, you must activate the two giant original torches, as shown here:

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Players must go through the doors of the left and right sides of this specific room to perform this task. Then, you must release the original embers inside the original candlesticks and follow them until they reach the original torches.

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As the players progress, they must unlock two doors: the first post is close to Jetta and the second is in the room with pull. If you enter the door near Jetta, you must complete a time limit test with the original sand watch and turn three devices to reach the original candlestick (follow the yellow route points to reach the other sand watches). As long as you are in this area, be sure to use four-sheet sidings to move faster.

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The second location presents the mechanism of original forged lights that you have found previously. Those who have difficulty finding blue energy can look for it at the top of the great structure in the middle of the room. After unlocking the doors and going down in the elevator, you will unlock the following mission in the Golden Slumber mission in Genshin Impact.

The secret of Allahyar

The mission of Allahyar's secret begins when you enter the secret passage behind the mural. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you throughout your adventure in the search for Golden Slumber:

* Locate the fan blade (on the floor) and fly against the wind current.

The first original embezzle you must find is at the upper level of mausoleum, so you should use your wings to fly up. In addition, players must open several doors with the special authorization they received from Thread.

* Use four-sheet stealth to reach the next original embezzlement.

The rest of the original embers will always be on top of you near the reference points. That said, it is better to turn the camera in these areas until you locate the four-sheet seal.

* Find the third original embezzle.

Similar to the second location, you can use the four-sheet seal to fly.

* Look for the last area.


Final Primal Eco is inside one of the rooms inside the mausoleum. You can also participate in the Primal Sand glass challenge to unlock a valuable chest.

* Explore the ruins and defeat the fate.

* Find Been and go to the Fate camp to find clues.

* Defeat Sam ail and Fate.

Jet and Israel will help you with this battle in the search for Golden Slumber of Genshin Impact.

* Continue deeper in the ruins.

Players must open one of the doors that have two primary beams (it is close to a blue reference point). To open this entry, you must rotate the devices, as shown here:

* Use forged primitive light to access the original candlestick.

After unlocking Primal Son, you must continue primal Ember to the giant torch.

* Look for the second original appliquéing.

The next one is original is in a room with several original beams. If you want to get rid of the surrounding barrier, you must redirect the device until you see the image shown below:

* Enter the room to complete the mission of Allahyar.

To finish the final chapter of the Golden Slumber mission in Genshin Impact, players must participate in several tests to unlock a new area. So, if you need help with this task, you can consult our guide on Mission Dreams under the abasing sand .

So there you have it, this is how everything you need to know about The search for the world of Genshin Impact . To get additional content about the game, you can see our guide on how to get Candace and explore any of the relevant links below.

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