Tamanin GOGO! ] Official announcement. Tatami Shinobu does not give up on genre development, sensitive Shioume action

GREGORY is vs. Gogo! ] has been officially announced. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android. Distribution is scheduled in the fall of 2022.

Tamarin LOGO! Is the latest work of the Tamarin series. The genre is said to be sensitive Some Rogue Like Action. In this work, deformed characters fight. The protagonist is Niobe Dashing. He is afraid of being caught by the enemy and being insulted, and is an extreme claim that he does not want to be a magical ninja. The story begins when Shinobi has shifted from a different world from modern Japan.

In addition, various characters appear. Tanaka Ina, a fanatic ninja who says, I can withstand 3000 times sensitivity. Oshawa Bank Marko, a bomb magic that scatters a holster bomb with a mistake. Li Wotan, a genius engineer lacking ethics. It seems that unique people, such as the shadow car, Esmeralda, who were studying abroad from the Sakai, are active. It seems that familiar characters in the Tamarin series such as Usage will come out. As for the voice actor, AOI Yoga is in charge of Shinobi. A wide range of voice actors, such as Hikaru Too, Mimi Tanaka, and Murase, will perform characters in the harsh world.

As a game play, it is deployed in Rogue Action. It seems that he will investigate his character from a viewing perspective and defeat the enemy. In the presentation video, the content of the game is hinted, such as swinging a signboard or wearing a throwing weapon like a shrike. There seems to be a reinforced element using materials.

Tamarin LOGO! ], The teaser video will be released on September 5. The existence was revealed in a mysterious title call with good pronunciation. Because there was a line saying, You are from today, you are a magic, some people, like Pokémon GO, have been terrified that AR games that catch the magic Shinobi will be developed in the city. In fact, it seems to be an orthodox action game.


Speaking of the Tamarin series, it has gained popularity with a strong setting and textbooks as an adult game. After that, it developed diverse as a social game. Tamarin RPG and Action vs. Demon Shin were released. The Japanese version of the Service was terminated in July last year, but GREGORY still did not give up using Tamanobu. Tamarin LOGO! ] Is cute, but the world view and settings are alive, and it will make various people from children to the elderly to the Tamarin world.

Tamarin LOGO! Will be released for iOS/Android in the fall of 2022. Advance registration has been accepted on the official website.