How to play Sombre in Overwatch 2 - abilities and tips

Samba is an experienced hacker who penetrates the firewalls of several high-ranking persons. When samba on the field, no data is safe, like opponents. Although the first Overwatch Somber did not have enough damage, the sequel gives her an impressive amount of both damage and usefulness. Compared to other Damage heroes, samba rises in the ranking. Here's how to play samba in Overwatch 2.

Hero Samba for Overwatch 2

What is the role of samba in the team?

Samba is great for the persecution of enemies, especially with a low level of health. She succeeds in becoming a constant threat to the enemy’s rear, creating a fear that she can be anywhere. Its main force is the usefulness with the ability to hack, which temporarily does not allow enemies to use their abilities. It is difficult to find with its invisibility of Somber, and it can safely kill enemies with a low level of health without being discovered.


How does a samba differ in Overwatch 2?

While Samba had high utility in the first Overwatch, she had low damage. Choosing a samba, you should have hoped that your other Damage team will be able to compensate for the deficit of damage. Now, in Overwatch 2, samba has access to greater usefulness and more balanced damage. In Overwatch 2, samba can remain invisible for an indefinite time, unless she receives damage or fired from her weapons.

The hacking of the enemy no longer deprives him of invisibility, but only briefly reveals his model before returning to the security mode. The time of restoration of the ability of the Samba hacking is now four seconds, not eight. Hacking Samba now disconnects the enemy’s abilities for only one second, although it can still be seen through the walls. The period of time during which the first-aid kits remain hacked was also reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.

Hacking Samba weakens enemies, forcing them to receive 40% more damage exclusively from Samba. Finally, the maximum Amy Samba is now damaged by 40% of the current health of the nearest opponents, in addition to their hacking and the destruction of barriers.

Samba's abilities listed

Here are the ability of Samba, as well as their purpose in battle.

translocator * * Throws a lighthouse to which you can teleport with E (or a similar button on the console). This lighthouse can be destroyed by enemies or destroyed at will. While the lighthouse is not damaged, it will remain on the map for an indefinite period. stealth * Become invisible and get an increase in the speed of movement. Enemies within four meters can temporarily see samba. If the enemy is currently breaking into, samba is revealed for a short while before returning to secrecy. This ability can be interrupted by receiving damage or firing from a machine gun. hack * Hold this ability to hack the enemy. Happy enemies cannot use their abilities for one second and can be seen through the walls. Samba can also hack the first-aid kits to increase the speed of their revival and prevent their use by opponents. * This ability is often used to remove the shield from heroes, such as Reinhardt or Bridget. The hacking of a protective hero can make an enemy team vulnerable, creating an opportunity to attack your team. Opestanist (passive) * * Samba can detect seriously wounded enemies through the walls and apply 40% more damaged enemies. This helps her shoot opponents with a low level of health and become a threat to enemy rear. Role: Damage (passive) * When Samba provides destruction, she receives a surge of speed and reloading speed. This is a universal buff for all heroes of the Damage class. AMI (ultimate) * Hacks all enemies in the middle radius, causing damage in the amount of 40% of their current health. This ultimate ability also destroys any barriers or shields nearby.

tips and somber's cunning

Having played for some hours, you will learn some gameplay receptions. Here are some tips for novice players in Somber.

  • Like a samba, but you should avoid detecting an enemy team. Although you can win in the battles one on one thanks to your Baku, you are weak when you fight several enemies al1. Try to focus your hacks on one member of the enemy team, punishing them when they are not in their position. Otherwise, you can be quickly destroyed by the hero.
  • There is a visual difference between the color of a critical wound and the color of a hacked enemy. Both are visible through the walls, but the hacking indicator is red, and the critical wound indicator is orange. If you hack an enemy with a low level of health, the color of the hacking indicator will always prevail over the color of the critical wound indicator.
  • Passive ability of a Lombard opportunist allows you to detect enemies with a low level of health through the walls, but the color has more benefits than you think. When you look at the enemy with a relatively low level of health through the walls, they are displayed yellow. As they become more and more wounded, their contour becomes flashing red. This trick can be used to determine exactly how much health is the enemy.
  • The absolute ability of Samba, Amy, is useful in itself, but fatal in combination with the ultimatum abilities of other heroes. Try to combine Amy Samba with a rattled rat tire or dawn gravity pulse. As a result, a deadly combination can be obtained.

To find out more guidelines for the heroes of Overwatch 2, read the section How to play on Sojourn in Overwatch 2-Heroes Guide here, in games for professionals.


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