Launched on the exorcist prestee simulator steam

The Priest Simulator, which is a priest and fights the devil, was released on Steam. However, it is far from the usual exorcism.

The Priest Simulator, which was released before Steam on the 6th, is developed by Polish developer Model, which created various bizarre simulators and is distributed by Ultimate Games S.A. They were eye-catching by showing thieves simulators, gas station simulators, and prison simulators. They are currently developing human farm operating games 'Human Farm' and 'Your Principal Teacher', who is the head of the school full of problems.

The protagonist of the Priest Simulator is natural, but it is a priest. However, it is not a human, but a vampire. The protagonist must renovate the church and fight the devils to regain his power and return to hell. In particular, the pastor of the village church sold the power of the devil to people and confused the entire village. Of course, you can just leave it.


Like the unique concept of the main character, the battle is also unique. The main focus is to use a variety of suspicious magic, which is truly sacred magic, as well as 'physical exorcism' using various weapons. In the middle of the game, the action of entering the bottle in the middle of the game, wielding a bat full of nails and thorns, drunk and drunk and catching the devil as a zombie.

The Priest Simulator was released on Steam on the 6th and is sold for 16,400 won, which is 20% discount by the 14th to commemorate the launch. Language only supports English and Polish.


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