LOL - filtering the new fill reown: Thus they will change all their skills

Fill has been the greatest failure of Riot Games in relation to new League of Legends champions. Although he is an interesting and effective character in the games, almost no player wants to use it in his clashes. It is currently the sixth hero less used by the community in the qualifying items. A situation that goes against the main objective of developers with each new release. From the company they have already explained the need for each premiere to be popular to fulfill its mission of refreshing the game and contributing some more variety to clashes.

The fill renown is almost ready for its launch

ORNN The situation reached a point where, just one year after his arrival in League of Legends, Fill stood at the head of the riot games reworks list. A great update that will arrive in the form of the works that the company defines as medium-range, but that could include many more changes of the expected at first . At least, that is the impression after the possible new skills of the champion have leaked among the community through a tweet already erased.

Riot Games would bet on a formula similar to the one that continued with Tam Bench , transforming one of the main skills of the champion into her new final and creating a somewhat less powerful version of the 'multi' to turn it into a basic spell. In this case it would be its R (magnetic storm) would become the new E, while the current W (ferromancia) would become the definitive 1. These are all the filtered details of the skills kit...

Passive-Rompemoldes : Without major changes. It steals a percentage of armor and magical resistance and inflicts additional damage with its blows according to the stolen resistors. Devolving blow : similar to the current 1. Fill attacks with your spear to inflict damage and apply your passive. If the beaten enemy had a shield, he will be slowed. W-Ferromancy vote : completely new. Fill will no longer be linked to allies. Instead, it becomes unstoppable and gains movement speed towards colleagues. After this time, give a shield to the closest ally. E-magnetic overload : similar to the current R. By using the ability, enemies in their effect area are attracted to FLE and remain attracted to over the next few seconds. After this time, the magnetic fury retracts, stunning all the enemies that have passed at least a second in the area and inflicting damage. R-Ferromancia : similar to the current W. If it is mounted, it goes down their steed by knocking down the enemies and inflicting damage, losing speed of movement and gaining resistance in doing so. Otherwise, he climbs the mount inflicting damage and knocks down enemies over their head. In doing so gains movement speed, but loses resistance.

The truth is that, if confirmed, we are facing fascinating changes that would meet all the objectives of the company . Surely they would increase the popularity of the champion, making it unique among the extensive cast of league of Legends characters. In addition, the kit has received praise from the community, also satisfied with the great fans of the character. Of course, I could still receive changes before its launch since it is a filtration, but of course we would not expect great transformations for the premiere.

As for the date on which the new Fill could reach League of Legends, the first opportunity will be in the 2023 preseason update. However, it is not clear if Riot Games has finished the artistic works required for Carry out the re-release. Surely the developer will now feel more confident to release some changes that reach, without a doubt, the playable Rework category.


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