LOL - Worlds 2022: Gumayusi, Literal New Generation of Faker and T1

Few players have exhausted stages and fulfilled the expectations created with them within the Legends Competitive Legends such as Lee Humayun Min-Hyeong. The T1 eSports shooter has erected in the hope of a legendary team and in the most reliable partner of the Goat Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok.

This weekend he faces his first major fire test, a duel against the Chinese champion and maximum favorite to take the Worlds: JD Gaming. To achieve victory, it would be a new final for T1 and the possibility that the team, previously known as SKT, reaches the four World Cup titles.

But before that, it is time to know the story of GEM, one of the most charismatic players of the moment. Beyond being a very talented shooter and having enough impudence to pull the car on the equipment with more pressure on the planet, it is also a person that is worth knowing.

of caste comes to the greyhound

Humayun was an early talent in League of Legends . With 16 years of age, he already competed at the Keg Championship, a tournament that faces combined composed of the best promises cities and regions of South Korea. It was part of the team that presented Seoul in 2018, where it coincided with players such as Guangdong Frees, Ellis, or the Gender of Gen go. After winning this tournament, they came to face Hanna Life Esports, and force a third map against Damon Gaming.

T1 As soon as his name appears, they soon realized that Gum's good had dammed the eSports since childhood. His brother is none other than Innovation Shin-Hyung, one of the best Star craft II players always and also a member of T1 in its beginnings.

What perhaps not so many people know is that Humayun and Faker are distant family. Both belong to the Seoul Clan, with Faker being of the 39th generation and Humayun of the 40º, so we could say that they are something like uncle and nephew distant. This was what Gum said in his stream this February:During the last lunar new year, I discovered a shocking truth. I came home and saw that everyone was watching the family tree, specifically Sang-Hyeok. I asked him my father, and it turned out that it was Faker._

The biggest ally for Faker's fourth

The shooter is having spectacular worlds . First in DA of the tournament with 18.5, first in Kills with 6.1 per game and leader in Farmer with 10.1 subjects per minute, he forms together with his partner BYU Beria Minsk the best bot lane of the championship. An unparalleled statistical performance that makes him one of the clear candidates for MVP if T1 manages to take the title.

Humayun did not have the best of the performances in the last great international appointment of T1, the 3-2 defeat in the final of MID Season invitational against Royal. That defeat made a dent in GMA, to the point that today he is collecting the fruits of those desire to improve:Now that I have had time from that defeat, I think I have learned many things from her. I have improved. To be honest, After that series, my trust went down a lot. But as we practice and have good vibrations as a team, we have recovered, so I feel very confident for our next matches. _

That anger and desire to improve is what propels one of the most early talents in the history of the game, which now has an opportunity in full prime of your career to get a key milest1. JD Gaming and 369 will be their rivals in the semifinals that will be played this Saturday at the State Arena in Atlanta.

Foot by Colin Young-Wolff for Lol Esports.


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