Nintendo is ready to process who dare to mess with his employees

All players know that Nintendo is a company with family image . So much so that all the and advertising of the Japanese company is based on this sweetness. Although the guns hentai appeared in the Nintendo Switch shop, the platform developers quickly took steps to censor parts of the body that innocent players could not see. But if there is one thing that Nintendo does not tolerate is the disrespect with its employees.

Be careful who will go after Nintendo employees

If there is an admirable thing at Nintendo is the way the company defends its employees. After numerous reports of incivility to their employees during after-sales services, Nintendo's teams wanted to remind him that such behavior can be a legal complaint... or even more .

These behaviors in relation to Nintendo employees can be the subject of legal proceedings and Nintendo is a very litigious company. Check below:

  • Threatening threats, intimidation or behavior
  • Degrading insults or comments
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Service requests that go beyond social standards, such as free repairs requests beyond that covered by warranty.

Why * Company irrational requests for an apology or punishment requirements. * Behavior that prolongs the time spent, such as excessive repetition of the same request or complaint * Defamation on social networks or on the internet

A relevant reminder

A recent Japanese study revealed that the number of harassment by customers was becoming increasing within companies. Often people working at the telephone central or after-sales service are the target of insults and threats of all kinds. Which makes life a true hell for some employees and of course, those of Nintendo are also victims.

Therefore, it is always good to remember that the progress of an after-sales service file does not depend at all on the person on the other side of the line and that therefore it is not worth risking legal proceedings disrespecting them. A beautiful message that will surely make some people smarter.


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