Tanker with both CC and Mobile, Roll'Chsante 'test server release

League of Legends (Loll)'s 162nd champion, K'Santa, unveiled on the 19th on the 19th.

Knew Santa is a brave and challenging champion who fights to protect his hometown of Nkrumah. It is designed as an all-round tanker with the ability to save allies in danger and push enemies. In addition to various crowd controls such as slowing, shocking waves, and stunts, the passive skill, which can cause additional damage to the enemy, is equipped with strong damage to the other person. The Ultimate General Tax enhances the effects of other skills, allowing you to play an active part in the team's fights.

The first skill, Entropy Strike (Q), is a shock wave that pulls the weapon to damage, slow down the enemy, and pull the opponent two times. 'Was the road (W)' is a skill that rushes forward, causes damage, pushes the enemy on the path, and stuns the opponent for a while according to the charging time.

‘E’ (E) ’is a rushing skill of Dante, which can be used in various ways by creating a shield for allies as well as allies. The ultimate General Tax ® is a skill that pushes one enemy champion. The enemy hit the wall due to the skill, which is pushed over the wall and stunned for a while.

LOL will also showcase Prestige Chang gong Create Skin, which was created in collaboration with world-class artist Lil Nas X. The player can play the roll or strategic team battle from November 4 to collect 2,000 2022 World Championship Token to obtain the skin permanently.

For more information about the new championships that join through the 12.21 patch, please visit the official website.


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