How to climb walls in scarlet and purple Pokémon

All players love good glitches, and whether they break the game or simply be fun, they will always find them. Pokémon is no exception, and players have encountered a pretty fun while exploring the Pale region. Then, without further ado, here is like climbing walls in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

Parades of climbing in scarlet and purple Pokémon

At first, according to the game they have, the coaches will meet Portion (Scarlet) or Myrmidon (purple), which are the new legendary Pokémon of this generation. As they advance in Titan's battles, they will recover skills in each step of the road, either to be able to cross the water, slide or even climb walls.

But for those who have not progressed enough to unlock the ability to climb walls, you are in luck! Thanks to the Twitter user @zuillethewitch, the coaches know they can still climb walls. You only need a little more delicacy combined with perhaps a little practice. Look at the clip below to better understand what you should do.


This is probably the darker, but more useful trick in Scarlet/Purple. You can easily climb pending that you should not simply go back.

-Julie (@zulliethewitch) November 20, 2022

Does the game break? Of course not. Entertaining? Absolutely. And for those who wonder, yes, you can also do it with Myrmidon. Just make sure you are on your back to the wall, to the cliff or wherever you want to climb. There are also many reasons to use this in your favor from the beginning, since some places are more difficult to achieve depending on the skills that your legendary possesses (or not).

That is all you need to know about how to climb walls in scarlet and purple Pokémon. To get more tips on the game, has it covered. Be sure to consult our guides that cover where to find Tatsugiri and how to get Vastly Gas, and feel free to carefully read the endless information on the links below.

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