LOL: Salta the first pump in the LCK signing market; Ruler and Gen.G separate roads

After a stage with many ups and downs, and with the summer LCK and the Worlds semifinals in which they fell to Dr, Gen. G can be satisfied by the 2022 performed. However, they will have to start the signing market with an unexpected setback in the form of a low, and that is that Ruler has decided to put an end to his stage as a player in this team that has accompanied him in much of his career.

The organization itself published a video saying about this legend of League of Legends and that has thrown so much from the organization's car during these years to be as high as possible in the league of their country, and also compete in the World Cup, which managed to lift As a Samsung player after defeating SKT 3-0 in 2017

NBA t-shirt withdrawal

After his statement commenting that both linked parties would no longer follow, the American organization decided to withdraw that number 1 so characteristic that the shooter carried when he jumped to the invoked's crack with this elastic. Remember that one of the Shareholders of the Gen. G is Chris Bosh, former player of the NBA and winner of two rings with Miami Heat, so that in this decision he has been able to have some prominence.

Ruler leaves a huge vacuum in the organization after being numerous years in this discipline, either Samsung, or the current gen.G. Now it will be time to wait a few days to see how the puzzle pieces are fitted and see who will be his substitute, or what will be Rule's next destination, since we are more than sure that suitors will not be missing in the LPL and in the LCK , and leading teams such as Damon Kia would be looking for a shooter, watching the latest leaks published by insiders of the region.


Palaces de Ruler with gen.g

A LACK Two runner-up of the LCK and two third positions Worlds semifinals A Split player An MVP of the regular season Three Allele First Team Two Allele Second Team


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