LOL - Worlds 2022: The reason why the blue side has been so decisive along the tournament

In almost all League of Legends metajugos, there are often a side that is more interesting than the other . In the majority of them, the blue side dominates slightly , since it chooses the strongest champion available. The goal is considered interesting when the dominant goal champions can be counteracted, allowing the red side to be viable from a perspective of picking Counter Champions .

The game is considered balanced if the blue side is between 50 and 51 % of Win rat (if it is dominant, if it is at 49 % it is also balanced). There were some metajugos in which was favored to the red side, but it was not necessarily the most interesting . In these Worlds, the blue side ended with a 52.5 victorious rate, which is enough to do OP according to Riot Games criteria.

Why is your op the blue side?

If the blue side was so strong during these Worlds , it is largely due to Yuri . The little cat has finally managed to rot the competition, thanks to its attachment mechanics, which makes it difficult to counteract . You do not need to have a Bot lane winner to shine, since Counterpick can be done in a soloing or, better yet, in the jungle. Therefore, Yuri will leave his ADC to go with the jungle, either to take a goal or support another role.

As you cannot select as a goal, it does not receive area damage, which allows you to join a new ally if the first dies. Then, Your healing generally allows your team to take advantage if the fight hard too much , especially in early or midgame when the damage is not enough for a champion. The definitive Yuri, which is also a formidable tool in group fights, is only the cherry. And when you know the power of its R, the fact that it is only the icing on the cake makes the champion even more terrifying.

Therefore, Yuri is a first safe choice , since it cannot be punished. This forces the Red Side team to ban it . Therefore, this means that they literally play with one less during the picks and bans phase. Now we have to add the second champion of these World Cups who raised a problem: Caitlyn . Plover's sheriff was a very good selection, which gave a good phase of lines and at the same time was flexible enough not to be completely counteracted.

ФИНАЛ The duo Lucian/Name appeared timidly at the end of the tournament, which balanced things a little more , also forcing the blue side to think about these bans. However, the red side ended playing on average with one and a half less (two during the Yuri/Wait.

If we base only on the BO5 where each of the teams won at least one round, we reached a result of 11 victories on the blue side against 12 of the red side . Seeing this, one might think that the red side is not a great disadvantage , but that must be balanced with another statistic: Even if I had already won a map on this side.

Here the statistics are misleading and at the same time revealing. The teams that won a BO5 of the World Cups were the teams that played better on the red side, but the latter was not the best side despite its upper victories index. It is also very likely that all teams trained more to play on the red side than on the blue side, because knew that if they took the advantage, they would have to play on this side , which allowed the Red side had a better victory rate, despite being the weak side.


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