Mark Zuckerberg announced 11,000 META employees -for Reality Labs, which is responsible for VR and meta spring business

Mark Zuckerberg, the company's CEO, has announced 11,000 dismissals, 13 % of all employees.

Zuckerberg says that in the message addressed to Meta employees, the reasons for being forced to reduce the number of staff will continue to continue the rapidly online and e-commerce growth due to the influence of the new coronavirus. He explained that although he made a huge investment based on the prediction, the profit was out of the expectation, and it was less than expected. In addition to shifting resources to high-priority fields where future growth is expected, the cost reduction of the entire business and the reorganization of the team are implemented, but that alone could not create enough room.

The number of staff reductions will be performed in Reality Labs, which is responsible for the development of VR headsets and members, in addition to the Family of Apps, which is responsible for SNS businesses such as Facebook. In addition, there are plans to significantly reorganize business teams, extend the suspension period, and reduce the number of employees next year.

In recent years, Meta has been focusing on the members field, but has a sluggish performance. On the other hand, Zuckerberg has mentioned a long-term vision for members as a high-priority field that is expected to grow in the message, indicating that it will continue to invest in the field.


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