Modern War 2: All new COD

Because October 28, 2022, millions of players can have a ball in the multiplayer of Phone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We additionally mixed intensely as well as are now offering you with the ideal as well as the worst maps of the new COD in this photo series.

The editors have determined: these are the most effective MW2 maps

Every code fan recognizes: The multiplayer of a shooter stands as well as drops with its maps. If the multiplayer cards are badly developed, stress swiftly accumulates with the gamers. As well as this year also, it is already being discussed which maps are specifically successful and also which are not.

We sat down in the editorial group and compiled our personal top 10 . From the worst to the very best map. You can discover our lead to this image collection:

These code maps obtain most objection

Modern Given that this image course obviously only mirrors our point of view, we also read about the web. The Map Santa Sent border crossing is mostly slammed on Reddit.

We were likewise really passionate concerning the playable clusterfuck. The biggest issue is over all the many vehicles that blow up completely indiscriminately. A Reddit customer composes:

_ I such as the map for objective settings and hate it for TDM. It would certainly be 60 % far better if the automobiles had actually already taken off. _.

Every code follower recognizes: The multiplayer of a shooter drops and also stands with its maps. We rested down in the content group and also assembled our personal leading 10 . Right here the trouble is a bit bigger, because undoubtedly the map is based on an actual hotel. It could be excellent, that the map will certainly quickly vanish from the video game! Paradoxically, this is already the second map with a right problem.

We can only agree! Yet various other maps are not devoid of objection either. This also includes the Greenberg Resort map. Here the problem is a bit bigger, since clearly the map is based upon a real hotel. .

Paradoxically, this is already the 2nd map with a right problem. The Beta-Map Calderas Gallery was also removed from the game prior to the main release. Right here, too, there was no permission to the optical layout.

And the accountable business was apparently not asked by Activision for approval. It could be good, that the map will soon disappear from the game! .


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