Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: The theory of the community that unites paldea with the rest of the regions

The main plot of Pokémon games is not usually too interesting. However, when we deepen the Lore or the stories of the world in which the protagonists of the saga live, the thing changes radically. The inaugural titles of each generation usually give rise to a Lore that combines quantity and quality. A situation that has not changed with the arrival of scarlet and purple. The two new versions have opened new fronts in the narrative of the franchise, causing fans to develop theories that unite Kilos (X and Y) with Pale explaining the events of the last four generations. We warn you that, from here, we go with some spoilers.

The theory that joins scarlet and purple Pokémon with x and y

The binding link that would connect Pale and Kilos would be in the zero area. This area could keep some kind of relationship with the final weapon that we discovered in deliveries X E Y. We refer, for the forgetfulness, to that device that AZ used approximately 3,000 years before the events that take place in the games and that put point and end to a great war between regions. It is unknown that area of the world was involved in the conflict in addition to Kilos, but we know that the weapon caused a devastating impact and that thousands of innocent Pokémon died to give energy to this artifact.

The theory that it was the explosion of the final weapon that generated the gigantic crater of the zero area is discarded. In the history classes that we can go to in scarlet and purple it is said directly that the zero area is much older. However, it is precisely this comment that has turned the great theory existing before the launch of new generation deliveries. If the zero area is not caused by the final weapon that AZ used... could the key discoveries for use come from there? The question makes more sense than it seems.


The energy of the Pokémon is the central point of the saga since the launch of X E Y. In Kilos we saw it related to the megaevolution and the final weapon. He repeated his prominence in the seventh generation through neuroma and the Z movements. He also returned on a sword and shield when we discovered the plot of Eternal and Dina max. Now the perspective is different. There is not a single agent (Pokémon or Person) that has manipulated energy, but an entire map area formed millions of years ago that could well be responsible for discovery.

Unlike the rest of deliveries, Pokémon energy does not seem directly extracted by humans, if not something natural. The zero area of Pale could also be the zero zone in the discovery of Pokémon energy. A place where the phenomenon is detected naturally, with dozens of teracristalized creatures without human intervention. A place that aims to be key and whose mysteries should begin to resolve with the launch of a future DLC-or a third installment in case Freak prefers it.

Of course, all this theory is nothing more than that, a reasoning that the community has carried out. The connection between Pale and Kilos seems evident. There are sufficient indications to establish the importance of the region set in Spain and shown in scarlet and purple Pokémon as one of the most important enclaves in the history of the sixth generation. However, there are still many things in the air and there is a hidden creature deep in the region that could change everything. Of her, however, she will have to speak on another occasion.


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