Splatoon 3 Salmon Run's Tatsujin ability cobblestone mixed feeling. Rogue Light Snow Mountain climbing game is fun. GPD Win Max 2 Impressions. This week's gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. It is the 361st time.

The controller part can be covered by covering

GPD Win Max 2 arrived last week. AMD Ryzen 7 6800U model. The highest highlight is the narrow bezel of the display from the previous model and the larger to 10.1 inches. The weight is increased, and it is about 1 kg, but it doesn't feel heavier than I thought it was good. In addition, the trigger has been input analog input, the back button has been added, the sound quality of the speaker has improved, and the degree of perfection has increased.

The performance of the game is almost the same as Steam Deck if you submit the display resolution difference as long as you check it quickly in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. The intermediate preset in the graphic setting exceeds 30fps. An analog stick is located in the hollow, so you need to get used to it, but the operability is not bad. Above all, the big screen is comfortable. Because it is an ordinary Windows PC, it is easy to do anything without worrying about compatibility. By. Tier Yamagata

Why climb the mountain? There……

Rogue Light Snow Mountain climbing Insurmountable is playing. It's still on the first lap, and I feel a little short, but it's fun. I aim for a goal while moving in a head format, but there is a height difference between the trouts and the snowy mountains are reproduced. The weight of the graphics is the game element as it is. For example, in the case of a snowstorm, the sense of distance to the goal is difficult to grasp, and if the height difference from the surrounding squares is large, the camera work does not work properly. That is real and interesting. Sound effects and systems are also realistic. If you think about it, climbing and doglike seem to be compatible. Rest with items, absolute rules, do not die, physical strength management, random generation environment, and repetition of Hakusura-like steps and return. When you notice its compatibility, it is a story that appears to be floating in this game. The stage is on the island, and the player must solve the mystery of the time loop in the mountains. The Hakusura-like cycle is explained with mysterious power. If the system is a rogue-like and the theme is a real-oriented mountain climbing, I think that we can do as much adventure as we do not have a fantastic mystery solving... The old quotation, Why climb the mountain? There is a mountain there, resonated with my heart again. By. Died Imitate

AI Picture Wolf

This week, I was playing the wolf game AI Art Imposter using illustration generation AI. This work is a game that explodes a person who does not know the theme that is only one person using illustrations depicted on AI. The rules themselves are close to drawing wolves and Word wolf, but they use AI illustrations. AI doesn't draw the illustrations as expected, so you'll play while being swung around by AI. Also, if the theme is known to the role of the wolf, is it characteristic that the wolf will win?

In order not to know the theme, if you know the theme, you will aim for a line that you may know. However, since it is AI to draw in this work, something that is even more difficult to understand is born. You can control some to some extent, but you have to laugh when only the illustrations you don't understand are lined up. It is fun to play while flying with an acquaintance, but now it is time to play because the matching is functioning even in the stray.

splatoon By. Each Yokohama

Shekenadam win rate is too low

No matter how busy you are, the salmon run of Platoon 3 is done as a daily routine. For the time being, only 1200 points are cleared. The salmon run of this work is famous for being particularly difficult due to salmon enhancement. Therefore, the colleagues to be together are very important. On top of that, I feel it. Catsuit's player's ability is too close. Catsuit is up to +3 as a rank, so it is inevitable that the ability will vary, but even if it is a great breakthrough. Personally, the quality of the fellow changes at a stretch with the +1 and +2 borders. When it comes to +2, the quota achievement increases, but it will be easier at once. The impression is that the resolution of the standing around, such as understanding roles for each weapon and avoiding single behavior, is increasing dramatically. At the +3 level, the winning rate will increase again. Perhaps because people in the Densest belt also mix. That said, the pinky of the densest is amazing.

As mentioned above, the salmon run rank is divided into four stages, so it is extremely natural to divide the ability. However, I think it is a bit interesting that the player's skills change so much even though they are the same Turin. If you think about it, I never felt that I was suitable for that rank when I became Chitin. Perhaps the player is comfortable by calling it as a Sufi even in front of the arm. I'm happy, but it looks good to be divided. But it's complicated and difficult to make it. By. AUO Keybase


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