DFB Team: Press Conference with President Bernd Neuendorf zu Katar, the Bierhoff successor and


The president of the German football federation, Bernd Bettendorf, talks about their thoughts about the new preliminary round for the 2022 World Cup. In an interview he discusses why it came to this and what is going to happen from now on.

After the entirely ruined worldwide year with the new preliminary round at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, DFB President Bernd Bettendorf took stock He announced the next actions in search of the follower of Oliver Bailiff and spoke again about the One Love bond Bettendorf likewise practiced self-criticism in one point The most important findings from Bernd Bettendorf's interview: The top of the German Football Association (DFB) has designated a plainly occupied expert body according to the World Cup debacle of the national group and the departure of managing director Oliver Bailiff The group of experts, the Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Matthias Summer, Oliver Mintzlaff, Oliver Khan and Audi Roller, must support the association in handling the crisis Bernd Bettendorf admitted mistakes in the conversation about the One Love plaster I think that today I would make clarity plainly before a competition, he stressed We would have had to search for the direct line about Gianni Infantino and ask him about the mindset of the FIFA. Bernd Bettendorf, after 9 months, as a DFB president, took a very first positive balance When we take a year back and look at the DFB, it was primarily about raids, home searches, fantastic unrest in the association, said Bettendorf on Tuesday in Frankfurt/Main, We have absolutely nothing from all of this in the previous ten months heard. The recently provided balance sheet consisting of tax provisions of 50 million euros initially wiped Bettendorf aside The financial resources are not so tough that they prevent us in any type, stated the 61-year-old

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And with Andreas Bettendorf, journalism conference ends Bettendorf about politics and football in the Qatar I stated: We likewise had a sporty objective We decided when it came to whether we wear the plaster and put the gamers in risk I also criticized the FIFA which hectic me FIFA has not understood itself plainly enough about its own standards The choice ought to take pressure from the group With this step, the plaster, we did not wish to put the pressure on the team not to know what takes place afterwards You can see that and so, however with punishments it would have been an even larger topic in the team Generally, it is, I likewise stand: We have as an association, which also uses to FIFA and UEFA, guidelines Human rights aspects have to contribute in the awarding of tournaments, I also confess It is very important for an association president to name such things When it comes to the gamers: it was written that the gamers had actually been pushed From my side there was never the scenario that I said we needed to do that and that Public expectation of which characters are set in Qatar was a big subject I never ever commented for the gamers, the gamers need to decide beyond the bandage We welcomed Amnesty and Co. The gamers might get their own picture, that was my approach I constantly stated: We have mature gamers, they have the ability to choose how to handle it There were lots of interviews in advance where the players have seriously positioned themselves But that didn't come from me or the top of the association That should not be one-sided either, and the Atari ambassador was likewise associated with the human rights congress We as an association have the job of plainly positioning ourselves politically In the group, this needs to come from the gamers separately I would never tell you how to act there In the future we will need to adjust our behavior towards FIFA and push even more to an early response, so I am self-critical FIFA concerns the group hotel 4 hours prior to the first game of the English and reveals that there might be endless sanctions, that was huge pressure Up until now we shouldn't let it come We succeed to clarify such things in the future Bettendorf about the new structures As for the structures and coordination between state associations, DFB, League, NLZ and so on, we have found a structure that is extremely slim and works efficiently We do not require substantial rounds that get captured together The work has actually currently begun At the start of 2023 I will be able to state more The structures are already more appealing than before Bettendorf about Hansi Flick and Bailiff's successor

I said that he desired to acknowledge that he desired to make the European Championships in 2024 successfully Everything else, the advisory circle and the structure, I maintain a close exchange with Hans The position demands trust and togetherness We will likewise ensure that a sporting line is created that harmonizes and complies together, even if you take a crucial look Bettendorf about the upcoming test video games Presume that this process will continue, and we are well on the move in terms of worldwide game planning It continues to work, even without Oliver Bailiff Bettendorf about the identification problem and females in the advisory group We selected these names Which names have contributed in general... the result is intriguing It is about the future development of the guy's soccer group All individuals pointed out have specific connections to the DFB-Elf You understand the association, the group You can state with fug and right that it is necessary that such knowledge is represented We'll see how we enter work mode I am open to everyone who wishes to talk to me, but we can't make a big circle We needed to narrow it down Individuals are beyond all doubts Bettendorf about the five-member advisory group We did not see that we fulfill north-east-southwest association I spoke to Aka Wake, who fits, they have actually likewise filled various roles Audi Roller and Matthias Summer were coaches, many were players Different aspects play in The club background did not play a major function What do you bring for a vita, which portfolio? How can you get us even more? We have actually cleared ourselves from the rest You shouldn't make this circle too big We get advice every day, likewise through the media I would be open if someone feels called to get included and speak to me Bettendorf about time pressure I am mindful of the house European Champions in June 2024 That doesn't imply we let it grind We'll put pressure on it, but it's not so easy that you call a name and 3 days later you choose We have a shot for the European Championship that has to sit We wish to have approval in the association and with the specialists Everyone ought to be able to understand what we do and not just act rapidly And we had fast decisions with Bailiff and Flick, we assembled the committees fairly quickly, three events with many individuals Likewise as far as the occupation of the advisory group is concerned, the league resigned What I have presented is the first intermediate action We will continue to operate at this pace We do not lean back and say: there is still a lot of time Bettendorf about prospective prospects It's about individuals who are employed at the DFB The nationwide coach, the sporting management, Oliver Bailiff We need an authorization of the corresponding committees If we split this into several individuals, the advisory group is good My job is to take the bodies with them and to include, in the end the votes are pending It is likewise about financial questions It is important that we are coordinated, and the result is supported by everybody Bettendorf the separation from Bailiff These are discussions by Old Bailiff with Aka Wake and with me, We evaluated the circumstance together The media pressure was enormous I don't know if that played a function with him, however it was recognizable In such a process, you approach No one was pressed there, we talked about and in the end this result was clear without wanting to explain No conversations were characterized by great confrontation Bettendorf about brand name like Fred BBC or Jürgen Kohler I sign up that With the abundance of names, I couldn't have had the other discussions I didn't call it, that would likewise be an incorrect signal I spoke with the advisory group and internal association, that was more vital to me and is also the natural procedure for me Bettendorf through Bailiff's follower Whatever that is discussed in the advisory group will understand Hansi Flick In the end we will get a mutual solution It is essential that trust in each other is there That will be done Many names have actually been traded and appeared in the press But now we initially do the procedure: How can such a person effectively add to improve football The last action is to see who fits Bettendorf about the occupation of the advisory group

It was clear to me that reactions to the structure were understood I likewise heard other responses, Other Matthews said: more is not possible in German football You have to deal with the criticism This is a circle of extremely accepted people I do not think that the interests of your own club will be in the foreground in the very first line It has to do with how we get on track and build an effective team, medium and long-lasting This ought to not be translated in any specific interests You have a high sense of duty, so I felt that in the conversations Bettendorf about the separation of Old Bailiff You are always challenged with rumors I had no discussion with him that he would take on a various function or be cut in his tasks It was equally agreed, both sides came to the conclusion that it might be good to make a brand-new course In the discussions of me with him, nothing else represented personality Bettendorf about Hansi Flick in the advisory group I am the link in between the circle and the flick, that's what is gone over He understands about what I'm saying today We preserve the exchange, Hansi Flick will naturally get involved However it is not part of the advisory committee Bettendorf about the offspring and finances When it comes to young individuals, for some time now we have actually been working on the future project This was initiated at the Bundestag in 2019 and was to be voted on at the last Bundestag, it was not possible The procedure has actually started, but I also wish to deal with that in the working group This is essential, but less for 2024 for the follow-up competitions When it comes to financial resources: this is challenging for the DFB, however not so difficult that sporting success would be prevented in any form We have top priority that our national teams should achieve success, that is above whatever Bettendorf through Bailiff's successor and the procedure We will lead the structural argument initially: Does it make sense that a person integrates all of these jobs? If a separation has actually to be made, the advisory group will develop the profile for sporting management Of course I am represented in both committees and can alternate how the performance was established, and we see it I am the link between the 2 groups Bettendorf about the staying of Hansi Flick You need to speak about how the tournament went and how you perceived it We discussed that At no point in this conversation with Hansi Flick was the subject of whether he would continue That was clear to us, I appreciate him humanly, he goes through all doubts We looked forward without going into the details It was not about whether it is replaced or not Who takes responsibility? Go Through Oliver Bailiff's statement, so this term occurs But everybody has duty, everyone needs to question themselves, association, sporty team, the gamers We will talk about the next couple of weeks when we start to offer a various image at the euro Bettendorf about the alienation of the fans to the team A lot has actually been reported on the alienation process, even before Qatar If you take a look at certain teams and fans at the World Cup, you notice that there is massive assistance, the spark has actually leapt How do we get that again? The arenas were full at the National League video games The disappointment would not be that big if the interest were broken The identification is there How we spark the fire towards the euro in our own nation, we have to deal with the subject in the advisory group I don't have actually ended up recipes here There are individuals who have played effectively and carry out successful clubs We get a great deal of know-how Bettendorf about Hansi Flick and the working groups I can't state when and how Hansi Flick will comment He will still speak to the fitness instructors We did not talk about the hierarchies in the advisory group I concurred with Aka Wake that we put it on with the two working groups One for structural concerns, one for the sporting area As President, I invite you to do so and see key concerns and see myself in the lead No matter which workers choices we make: they must be verified by the committees The advisory group recommends that the committees decide The DFB president is offered Bettendorf about the look for one or more sports directors

With all understanding of speed, we look at the structures What do the experts in the working group think? We will talk about that and after that choose I can't give any numbers or names now whether we need 2 or 15 people We take one action after the other: What is the need, where do we wish to go, which staff is required? Now journalism can ask questions Bettendorf about female's football: We also had sporting success. We were all passionate about the female's European Championship, likewise amongst the U17 juniors. As far as marketing and brand-new licenses for lady's football are concerned, we have pressed into new measurements. There are significantly more cash for the clubs, this is a great success of the DFB. We can also read this from the number of spectators. 173,000 viewers on the very first 9 match days. Last season it was only 156,000 on 22 match days. This shows how the advancement is going. And we see substantially more ladies We want to continue to advance female's football, that has actually succeeded and must go on. There are likewise enjoyable results in the rather short term. Bettendorf about his term: When we bring back a year and look at the DFB and its reporting, it had to do with raids, home searches and terrific discontent. We have not heard and checked out anything in the past 10 months, that has actually not continued. Aka Wake has also Said that there is only one football for him, we have actually spoken out with league and DFB. You should not talk that out that we have made this stability in between DFL and DFB. There has actually been an abundance of discussions in the past 10 months, with federal government and opposition, with prime ministers and numerous interest groups. It was also about content. We made it for the first time that the sport got under the protective shield, which has gas and energy rates are concerned Of course, the DFB is also about 25,000 clubs beyond the national team We fought for them There is substantial relief for the amateur associations Corona wasn't that long ago that it has added very to our base. Bettendorf through Qatar: I explained the conversation about the plaster and the appearance of FIFA in Qatar, I don't wish to repeat that again. This circumstance personally handled me personally, even later on. One wonders whether it was the best decision that we were When Europeans take the band from the arm. The circumstance was that it was not possible to rule out the group or the gamer It was not just how it read about yellow cards. At the first video game of the English, the FIFA presented and did not conclude endless sanctions. We had to decide quickly and would probably do so with all the criticism again

What did I find out from this circumstance? I think that I would make clearness clearly before a tournament We asked FIFA in September whether we were allowed to wear the binding and were kept delaying There was no binding feedback, the topic was brought into the tournament From today's viewpoint, I would have acted differently We ought to have browsed the direct line to President Infantile and had to try to find a binding declaration I would do it differently, that is my knowledge I say that so honestly due to the fact that the subject does not release me This might be simpler if I pertain to FIFA Council in March, even if I spoke to Infantile numerous times in front of Doha Not whatever we stated in the instructions of Doha and Qatar was incorrect from the start We wanted a payment fund for the workers who were injured and killed in the building and construction of the stadium, and a migration center for all employees who need to support The FIFA selected up both There will be a permanent workplace as a contact point for migrant employees and a reliable system for payment numbers, the declarations by Gianni Infantino on his PK If we Europeans had not constantly highlighted it, it would most likely not have existed In this respect, there is a specific development, you shouldn't forget that. Bettendorf on the schedule:

I don't desire to say anything about the schedule. I have discussions in the background and come up with outcomes. There must be discussions with both groups before Christmas. At the start of the year we will be more recommended. We require this shoulder. Circle of consulting. We need to bundle the forces for the Euro 2024, it needs to be a success. Bettendorf about the consequences: And discussions needed to be accepted individuals who have a great deal of experience and have a great deal of expertise, even if they are presently not in the DFB. This also took location. Several things have actually emerged from the conversations with the professionals and the bodies: - The understanding of speed is now about keeping cool heads and absolutely nothing rush We do well to think about what needs to be done now - We will found a DFB working group These include Alexander Were, tournament director Philipp AHM and Celia Basic as an ambassador We will take a close take a look at Old Bailiff's area of obligation He was also responsible for the academy and the management of the entire location, for personnel and financial planning In this DFB working group we wish to speak about how we will have to set this area in the future in order to be economically successful and sporty - Es will offer a 2nd group, I call them a group of specialists It is about the athletic future of the DFB, how are we in 2024 and beyond? Young and talent promo I had a lot of discussions for this working group last week We have a group that is beyond all doubts with their skills: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Audi Roller, Oliver Khan, Matthias Summer and Oliver Mintzlaff are amongst them This round is extremely familiar in guy's football and the nationwide team, we can get great impulses Of course, it will likewise be about what a profile of a successor to Oliver Bailiff has to look like. Bettendorf by means of Flick and Bailiff: You know that I revealed a discussion with Hansi Flick and Old Bailiff at the time, these were the first contacts. These talks happened immediately, last Wednesday. You understand the outcomes: The discussions with Oliver Bailiff have actually led to us The separation has gone as I envision, we have had a lot of conversations. We all know what he has done in the past 18 years. The facilities in which we are now sitting are going back to him

Then there was a conversation with Hansi Flick on Wednesday, the result is also understood. I can only repeat what Aka Wake said: If we require an analysis for the World Cup, this does not indicate that I put a person at the personality I wish to state that clearly. I have full rely on Hansi Flick, he is an exceptional coach. That has likewise been true in the conversation. He has a high sense of responsibility. Under all scenarios, he wishes to successfully develop the house European The impression that Hansi Flick is the right male was well irritated What's going on now? This also consisted of discussions that are essential in an association like the DFB. Nobody decides whatever, you need majorities in the committees. It was not just spoken to Flick and Bailiff, but likewise with the DFB board, the DFB Presidium and the Supervisory Board. These are necessary contacts for me who have to take with you when making choices. For me, this belonged to taking these bodies involved. Bernd Bettendorf starts: There is a lot to discuss after 10 months of workplace and especially after the last four weeks. On the departure in Doha, I stated that I would like to start a process that I want to put on Made in lots of discussions for the last ten days. I said I will come up to you when there are outcomes, and at this point we are now. Before the start: it starts! Press representative Steffen Simon opens the press conference

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Prior to the start: The DFB has actually apparently established a five-member specialist council for the upcoming home European Champion, which is supposed to ensure an effective efficiency at the 2024 tournament The Build newspaper reports There are likewise two faces of FC Bayern Here you get more information

We likewise had sporting success. There are likewise enjoyable outcomes in the rather short term. That has actually likewise been true in the conversation. It was not just spoken to Flick and Bailiff, but likewise with the DFB board, the DFB Presidium and the Supervisory Board

Before the start: There suffice topics: Who will be the successor to DFB director Oliver Bailiff? How do you get the curve at house European Championships 2024? What is the relationship with the FIFA according to the One Love plaster? And a lot more Before the start: from 12 midday, the 61-year-old will ask himself the questions of the reporters It was revealed to take stock after a dreadful global year Before the start: Hello and welcome to the DFB press conference with President Bernd Bettendorf

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