How Do You Get Different Vivillon Patterns In Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go might not seem like the most inclusive game, but that's actually not the case! Learn all about the different Villon patterns and how you can get them in this article.

In Pokémon Go you can now establish Villon with various patterns, however you need postcards from various regions Here you can discover all the details. What type of Pokémon is that? In Pokémon Go you can now get a new beast with two advancements: Pummel is the very first kind that can establish into poncho and Villon. The unique thing: the last thing comes with different wing patterns that depend on different areas.


To get Pummel, you have to pin postcards of your pals from these areas. 3 postcards from the very same area provide you a purring encounter, the Villon advancement of which ultimately has a corresponding pattern. In addition, you can continue to collect postcards from these regions to get more pursues. You can discover exactly how this works in the overview of pursues, poncho and Villon. Which areas and patterns are relevant at all? We look at this here and offer a tip below how you could get the necessary postcards.

Villon in Pokémon GO: All patterns and regions.

How lots of patterns are there? According to the current status, 18 patterns are offered in Pokémon GO. You can discover an overview of these patterns in the video game if you contact the Villon Medal: What regions do the patterns have? You need to pin postcards from the following regions to get the various patterns. Island Chain: Barbie Islands, South Africa Continental: southeast of South America, Central Europe, Asia Pomp: Japan Ornamental garden: Great Britain, New Zealand Durer: southwest USA, Western Asia Frost: Canada, Greenland, Finland Jungle: along the equator Aquamarine: western South America, Spain, Portugal, Mediterranean area Sea flower: Italy, France, Central Europe Innovation: southeast USA CONSUL: Southeast Asia Ocean: Hawaii, Galápagos, Schneefeld: West-Kanada, Alaska, northeast U.S.A., southern end of South America, Scandinavia River Delta: North Africa, South Africa, Australia Sand: Arabian Peninsula Savanna: eastern South America Sun: Mexico/ Central America, eastern Africa/ Madagascar, northern Australia Locke: Iceland, Scandinavia, northern Japan The limits are not yet clear, but can only be narrowed down. As soon as there is more comprehensive info, we update this post.

How do you get the postcards?

Share fitness instructor via Reddit Where do the postcards originate from? To get the different patterns, but likewise the required encounters for the sugary foods, you need a great deal of postcards. Trainers recommend utilizing Banana berries and also mega beetle Pokémon for pursues encounters to get more sweet. In Germany, for example, you can get the continental postcards well, here you can even spin your own postcards. However, what about the other areas? One possibility: At Reddit, coaches have currently established their own Subreddit called VivillonCollectors (by means of Reddit) in which there are posts for each area. There trainers share their buddies codes in the particular post, depending on which region they originate from. There is already a way to find buddies in regions that you still lack. Do you likewise have tips on how to better get Villon variants? Share them in the remarks! Otherwise, the big December Community Day is next in Pokémon Go.


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