How To Use Tricks In GTA 5 For PC

What is a Grand Theft Auto game without traps? Any. Okay, well, maybe it's nothing, developers spent a lot of time and hard work to create these expansive games. But sometimes, the tricks help increase the fun by climbing the madness dial until 11. Therefore, it is not surprising that with Grand Theft Auto V having finally reached the PC, there would be a lot of available trick commands For everyone to use them. Here is how to use tricks in GTA V for PC.

To activate the following tricks in Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, simply press the ~ (tilde) button, then enter the command corresponding to the trick you want.


Simple as that.

All Grand Theft AUT Auto 5 codes

Game tricks

CALLING BALAS-FUE Explosive body-hothands Parachute-Skydive Lunar gravity-float Drunk mode-liquor Power up special recharge Slow chamber (you can enter up to 3 times to increase power)-slo-mo Launch to heaven-Skyfall Point to slow camera (you can also enter 3 times) Dead eye Invincibility-analgesic Max Health and armor-turtle Career speed-Catchme Increase stars-fugitive Climate-Makeitrain Car Shoe-Snowday

vehicle generation tricks

BMX-Bandid Comet-Comet PCJ-600 (motorcycle)-Cohere Sánchez (Cross Motor)-Offload Fast GT-Rapidgt Limuse-Vinewood Trashmaster-Traped Buzzard-Buzzoff Acrobatic Airplane-Barnstorm Related Posts Report: Alleged GTA VI hacker arrested by London Police The FBI would be investigating Rockstar Games hacker who leaked images of GTA VI Rockstar Games confirms GTA VI escape; Will continue working in the game as planned GTA V: How to generate helicopters (PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC) The best cars in GTA V: faster cars, better skid and more


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