Lol: Riot forgets the champion most hated by the community and will not change it in the next patch

After a particularly long version, League of Legends prepares to receive a new update. The 12.23 patch is now available at the BE and will reach live servers on December 7 according to the Riot Games calendar. However, the changes included in it have been somewhat disappointing for the community. It is true that very necessary Nerfs arrive and some increases in power that we shouted, in addition to interesting adjustments. However, there has been a hero that was in all pools and that seemed to ask for a reduction in shouting that has not been included among the adjusted adjustments.


The most hated champion of League of Legends

Zed is in a dramatic situation. Although he is not the strongest champion of the game attending to his results along the entire classification ladder of League of Legends, if he accumulates many notable problems. It is, for example, the hero with the highest dance rate of the video game. It is blocked at 46.56% of all qualifying items played on the official Riot Games servers. A fact that is also high in all ranges of the game. It is true that in gold it receives more vetoes (49.6%), but even diamond players want to avoid it in their games (41.9%). In addition, there is an upward trend over the last days.

Analyzing the historical records of League of Legends with a higher volume of data, which allow us to compare their current situation with that of the last three years, Zed is at its best in terms of performance. Riot Games had always been prudent with the character, keeping him at a half-surrounding victories at 49%. Keep in mind that it is not a hero that is easy to play and has one of the most steep mastery curves of the entire squad. This means that, the more games we play with him, the greater our expectation in terms of victories. It is something that happens to all the champions, but very few in such a remarkable way.

Additionally, keeping Zed's victorious rate low is also positive for champion players. Not only is it that those who dedicate more hours are able to compensate for their reduction in power with greater skill, but they could use their favorite character more often. Currently, almost one in two played games they meet the bane ado hero. A situation in which everyone loses. In this sense, it was expected that we would have received a solution for the premiere of patch 12.23.

Ultimately, there are two reasons to explain Zed's absence in the future notes of the version. The first is that a NERF is included to the Moral Hydra that could be enough to reduce its success rate. It promises not to be a definitive change, but at present this object-if not too popular-is the one that offers the most success to the character. In addition, the developer herself said there were some changes that had been left out of patch 12.23 because they could not have been tested in sufficient depth and that they probably arrive in a B version just a few weeks after the update.


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