Sifu: A Fighting Game That's Set To Be One Of The Biggest Surprises Of 2019

It h been one of the big surprises of the year and users who did not have PS5, Nintendo Switch or Epic Games account will discover the reon very soon. Sight h just announced that Steam and Xbox Series X | s will arrive in March 2023. He h done it through a trailer in which he reviews his benefits and also confirms a free update for all versions of the game that includes a new mode called Aren where we are challenged to overcome infinite and increingly complicated hordes of enemies. Its creators, the Local boys, explain that successfully completing sands will progressively unlock new sands and incree modifiers on enemies. This mode doubles the duration of the current game and brings alternative movements to the Kung Fu palette. To them adds new tricks and new exclusive outfits.

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Our laureate chief editor, Salvador Fernández, got rid of praise towards Sight in his analysis of the beginning of the year, in which he put a 9. Thus, his refined pen on the Local game w pronounced: A pleant and challenging surprise that demands A lot to the player at first, but who is grateful to him in the long run. The combat system is very well meured, but the most important thing is how the player h the ability to learn and improve: know how to dodge, when blocking, when we get it back. Learning from each enemy, from the most bic to the boss, is the mter key of a title that h an intelligent death system in which we can resurrect to move forward, but only optimizing our previous steps we can finish the story on time. The progress formula, the connection between levels (to which we must return more than once) and the use of the advantages and unlocking of skills is very well meured and is a success. Sight seems difficult, but above all it is demanding and fair: when you die, you get angry, but at the same time you are aware that it h happened because you have not learned enough.


You have failed. And that is what makes it so satisfactory to finish. And of regular. Because when you mter it you know you can do it better.


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