The Addams Family: Explanation Of The Supernatural Powers Of All Members

Charles Addams, the creator of the Addams family, took regular family peculiarities and magnified them until they were supernatural, and treated them as if they were everyday worldly features. While the Addams family is widely known for being peculiar and not normal, their powers are never completely explained, but are taken more as a fact. Amid many adaptations that revolve around this family, let's try to explain the supernatural powers of all members of the Addams family.

What powers do the Addams family have?

Answered Although the members of the Addams family share immunity to dangerous environments, including electricity, fire and poisoning, each of them has its own non-human feature. Morticia-Morticia loves smoking and can emanate smoke directly from your body. Also related to this power, you can turn on candles with the fingertips.

In addition, like his daughter Wednesday, he has psychic visions that are genetic, and as they are usually positive and cheerful, he is considered a dove. Gómez-Depending on the version we are talking about, Gomez can make complex calculations in his head, light a cigar as soon as he takes it out of his pocket, turn it off when he placed it again and walking up and down the walls. However, in the Netflix program on Wednesday, Gomez's powers are unknown. Wednesday-it is during the Tim Burton show that Wednesday reveals its full potential, because until that moment she had been portrayed as an intelligent but normal girl. In the 2022 program, he inherits the power of his mother and also experiences psychic visions of the past and the future when certain objects or people who have trigger visions.


Since Wednesday sees the world through a dark lens, his vision is affected by this, making it a crow, instead of a dove. Pugsley-we are not sure if it is a real power, but Presley can hang from the branches of the trees with the teeth. During Wednesday of season 1, he attends school for normal people and shows no power. However, Wednesday only began experimenting at age 15, so he has time to join the supernatural. Celebrate-Uncle Fester dominated electrokinetic; Therefore, it can generate electricity and magnetism depending on conductivity and contact with the skin better. In the Netflix version, you can shoot rays with the tip of your fingers. In addition to that, it is both a power and a skill; It can slide inside and out of places without being detected. Stacked-although Lurch is the housewife and, technically, it is not part of the family, it is worth mentioning that it has a superhuman force. Grandma-Grandma Addams is basically your traditional witch: makes potions and spells, you can read your fortune and even fly in a broom. That is a summary the supernatural powers of all members of the Addams family. Be sure to see our other content related to the Addams family and the most recent program, Wednesday. Related Posts Better Watches of the Addams Family You can essentially control the thing of the Addams family thanks to this concept of virtual reality


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