- Exploring the Toxicity of Poison Mechanics in Magic: The Gathering

Poisoning mechanics may seem familiar to MTG veterans due to similar infection mechanics from past issues. Toxicity is a keyword found in the entire set of Viremia: everything will be one, which represents a new condition for victory in the standard format. Suppressing opponents to poisonous creatures, you can easily achieve victory at the beginning and middle of the game. Here is an explanation of toxicity mechanics in MTG.

How does TOXIC work in MTG?

Creatures with a keyword TOXIC usually cause damage to other creatures, but when they cause combat damage to the player, this player receives one or more poison tokens. To determine how many tokens of poison this player receives, check the number next to the key word poisonous. The plague siphoned card has a flight and toxicity 1, which makes it an excellent map for applying poison tokens, especially if a defending player does not have creatures with a flight. If the player has 10 tokens of poison, they automatically lose the game. Some players create decks that completely rotate around the toxic mechanics, and these decks are usually green, black or both. Maps such as Nitrogen Rotaries, strengthen creatures with the keyword TOXIC, giving the player one additional token of poison when it is amazed at a toxic creature. If you want to play a particularly cruel TOXIC deck, try adding cards with the key word distribution.


This allows you to add a counter to any source in which there is already a counter of this type. For example, if the player has nine tokens of poison, and you play a map such as whispering, you can increase their tokens of poison and bring them to 10. This will lead to the fact that this player will lose the game and not even you We'll have to join the battle. Damage. Additional Magic: The Gathering manuals can be found in MTG Kanagawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Guide here in Pro Game Guides.


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