How to Have a Romance with Mercy in Overwatch - Loverwatch: Overwatch Dating Simulator for Valentine's Day Celebration

Love is in the air for the Valentine's Day season, and Overwatch 2 is celebrating the arrival of a completely new feature with its Simulation of Valentine's Quotes for Limited Time, Lover watch. Running between February. February 13, 2023, and February 1. On January 28, 2023, this dating simulation experience allows you to fall in love with everyone's favorite heal Heinz Do not look for more if you want to complete Mercy's route and win your Lover watch rewards. Here is everything you need to know about how to fall in love with Lover watch.

How to complete the Mercy route in Lover watch

Before embarking on your trip to find love with Mercy, you must go to the game at lover watch.GG. Do not forget to make sure you have a session correctly in your account, located in the upper right area of the website, since you cannot exchange any reward that wins through the Lover watch dating simulator. If you have not completed this step before starting a game. Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through Once you have logged down, go to the game window and select new menu game; Even if you have completed a previous game for Genii, you must still select new game, so you can choose Mercy's route in place. Now it will be loaded in a scene where you can do exactly that, so continue and select Merced to start your romance with the guardian angel of blonde hair. Once you have selected Mercy, the next option you will want to select is in love; It is a quotation simulator, after all. After selecting this menu option, Cupid Heinz will appear, who will try to give you advice and help you win for Mercy for your happy forever. To confirm, Cupid will ask: Now tell me, are you in love? What you should answer, I think so. Cupid then ask you if you want to win Mercy's heart, so, naturally, you must select yes, I want to win the heart of mercy as your answer now Cupid will ask you how much you know about Mercy, providing Trivia questions. Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through This questionnaire has no effect on your game. Even so, it offers some fun options to select a fun dialogue between you and Cupid Heinz while talking about the beloved support hero. While covering your title, your real name and your favorite food, Cupid will force a microphone in your hands and ask you to take the stage to tell a joke that captures Mercy's attention and makes it laugh. From here, your opportunity will begin to fall in love with Mercy, so there is a complete list of all the correct options that you must select to complete your route and work through the romance, from the first joke to the final declaration of love.

Leigh attic date

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through When you have the task of counting a joke, select: Why don't you like to operate your elbows? When Mercy greets you, answer with: Hello Doctor Ziegler.


  • When Mercy makes a medical word game, she replies: Has anyone ever told you that you are hilarious?
  • Mercy will invite you to dinner. You can choose to select anyone, I would love to join Too, how do you have an appointment? Since both answers will have the same effect.

Café Azure Date

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through When Mercy is late and apologizes to you, answer: it happens to the best of us When I have the task of selecting a meal to order for dinner, choose: birch samples When it is time to ask Mercy for something about yourself, ask yourself: What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? Now you will have a new option to ask Mercy, what does it feel like to be a hero? Continue and select this option. After Mercy's answer to this question, select: I need you, Angela. Mercy will then reveal that it is proposed to be voluntary in Cairo and will invite you to another event.

the Cairo Date

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through

  • Mercy will bring you some coffee and, although unfortunately it does not seem that their medical skills are transferred to coffee preparation, you will still have to select: Rebel enthusiasm with enthusiasm
  • Mercy will then congratulate you and return to work, so she selects: volunteer
  • Then they will introduce you to Ana, who asks you who you are. In response, select: Date. I am Angela's appointment.
  • Cupid then will reappear. You can select any of the options here, but I personally opted for: Where the hell were you? For the fun of dialogue.
  • Cupid then ask if you are ready to see how your trip ends, for which you should select: yes, I'm quite sure
  • Mercy will appear and ask for a time to talk to her. Now it's brave and select: Follow mercy
  • Mercy will take you to the roof, where you can finally select: accept the love of mercy. Mercy will then take your hand and fly to the sky to give you an even better view of the beautiful landscape of Cairo. And that is! You have successfully completed the Mercy route and, as a result, you will be rewarded with its special articles.

Mercy Lover watch Rewards

You will be rewarded with a small set of theme rewards of Valentine's Day by completing Mercy's route and successfully conquering your love. Here is a list of all the rewards that you will receive after completing your Lover watch Historian de Mercy. Meres Angel: Introduction of icons, titles and prominent moments of the player (exchangeable for Overwatch 2) Valentine's card 13 Front of card 11 Image Sources: Blizzard Entertainment through Now that you have completed Mercy's route, do not forget to re-enter and complete Genii's route to earn even more rewards. You will even be allowed to meet Cupid Heinz again to receive a secret reward from Highlight Intro after completing both routes. That is all you need to know about how to fall in love with Lover watch. To get more game guides, news and lists, see the rest of our content. We have a variety of Overwatch 2 publications to help you stay updated on all changes in limited heroes and time events, so feel free to move down and take a look through our related links below. Related Posts How to make Genii fall in Loverwatch-Overwatch dating simulator All Lover watch characters: the Overwatch 2 dating simulators How to play Overwatch Dating Sim Lover watch Is to Overwatch dating simulator real? Explained All new aspects available in Overwatch 2 season 3


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