Now the release has been moved by a few months.2023 Release Date for Eternights Announced by Kowloon Nights & Studio Sai - Release Moved by a Few Months

When Kowloon Nights and Studio SAI revealed the dating action game Overnights for the PlayStation 4 and the PC last year, those responsible prepared with a publication for the start of 2023. Now they have revealed that the video game has been a little longer will be waiting.

various improvements because unveiling

From then on, Overnights is supposed to appear in early summer, although the publisher still did not offer a particular date. Nevertheless, a few more details were provided on the PlayStation Blog.


A distinct mix of dating and action in a post-apocalyptic world need to offer players a gripping romantic story with intensive battles and an unforgettable gaming experience. Many other updates have been performed considering that the unveiling, where one focused primarily on improving the basic gameplay and immersion. This must have the ability to put the players even better into the characters and the history of the game. For this, the user interface has improved because it is more user-friendly and clearer.

The revision of the time specs for finishing dungeons was another important aspect, as this concentrates on time management. The design and implementation of the in-game calendar and the surface area for the time specs have actually been credited to fantastic importance. In addition, the PlayStation blog site states: Overnights uses rapid real-time battles with a range of alternatives such as elementary attacks, ideal evasive maneuvers, parades, special abilities and battle abilities of familiar characters that some gamers might overwhelm. That is why the team put a great deal of work into improving the user interface during the fights. We wanted to make them more fluid and more user-friendly so that gamers can focus even much better on the action of the game. More on the subject: Eternights-Apocalyptic Dating Action Video game revealed with a first trailer A brand-new trailer for Overnights was published, which gives another impression. By loading the video you accept the data defense statement from YouTube. Discover more Load video Always unlock YouTube More reports on Overnights.


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