RIP: Turkiye Pro Gamer Dies in the Debris - E-Sports Trend News and Updates Last Week

tory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform you of the domestic e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News and abroad at home and abroad

◎ Turkey pro gamer in the debris, finally died -In a large-scale earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, international interest and support were drawn, and one Valorant pro gamer was found in a building debris and finally died.


She was a professional gamer named Gem Harmankaya 'Louis' and was active in the Unsound Ross Women's Team.

Louis, who lived in the area where the earthquake struck, had been disconnected with acquaintances since the earthquake. After a while, on SNS, a picture of a hand that is believed to be 'Louis' was released on the outside of the building. Later, her team's Union Ross delivered the death of death through an official announcement. The Rebels Final Event, which she played in August last year, was recorded as the last game of life.

◎ 2023 MSI held in London, England -The details on the 2023 MSI in May were released through the official announcement of Riot Games. MSI will be held at the Corduroy Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England. The finals of the double elimination-play-the bracket stage, called the Causal quarter-finals, will be held on May 21. The MSI is attracting attention as two LCK teams will participate in.

◎ Cart rider: Drift and Overwatch 2, 2023 League Plan announcement -Nixon and the Overwatch League have unveiled their 2023 e-sports league plans. First, Outrider: Drift will hold this stage KDL in September after two free seasons.

In addition, the event-type World Festival was planned for December. Pre-Season 1 will be held in April and Pre-Season 2 will be held in June.

The Overwatch 2nd League also announced its operating plan. The biggest change is 'open ecosystem application'. Starting this season, teams that have passed the Eastern Open Division and all local contenders will participate in the Overwatch League. In the western region, a new tournament will be established in the same way as last year, and a new tournament will be established by North America and European contenders teams for three weeks with the Overwatch League western teams. The Overwatch League will open on April 28.

◎ 'e-sports is a simple game' recognition, falling significantly in Beijing -The Korea Creative Content Agency unveiled 'Weekly Global 313'. The report included the 2022 Beijing E-Sports Development and Future Trend Research Report. This includes the joint research of the E-Sports Industry Development Association, Kia Tanking, and 'esports' magazine. According to this, the public's perception that 'e-sports is a simple game' fell from 24.5%in 2021 to 6.9%in 2022. In addition, 46%of the e-sports competitions among the top three of the users of Beijing's online entertainment activities were 46%.

■ This week's e-sports schedule

■ e-sports sources

◎ Temporary off on the criticism of the LCS 'Tigris' fans -LCS broadcasting team posted an apology for TSM and Double Lift, which was held on the 3rd. 'Lessligris', who appeared in the broadcast, delivered the dissonance between TSM and Double Lift in order to rise in the atmosphere ahead of TSM and 100t. However, fans soon pinpointed that 'Vertices' was too light on the broadcast, even though the theme was a sensitive topic related to abuse of TSM players and staff. Both the LCS broadcasting team and 'LT Gris' were released. Meanwhile, 'Lessligris' received a large amount of hate messages through SNS and said he would get off at the broadcast to recover.

◎ Popularity of Valorant in Japan is rising -The popularity of Valorant in Japan is not unusual. The rating of the Japanese Challengers League is marching. Last year, the viewership of Valorant esports in Japan was higher than expected, but it maintained its momentum in 2023. According to the e-sports chart, the viewership of the Japanese Challengers League overwhelmed all other regional competitions. The competition was watched 5.5 million hours at the time of collecting the data, and the opening match showed the largest viewer of about 140,000. In addition, the total viewing time of the official YouTube channel in Japan is similar to the VCT and the Overwatch League channel.


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