Uncovering The Mystery: A Bavarian Tale - Sowing Dead, A Detective Story Set In Bavaria

The launching title of the Munich developer Active Fungi Studios appeared on the PC through Steam the other day and has a premise similar to the narrative thriller from last year, but then wishes to be on his own feet.


With the 3D exploration of the town of Wolpertshofen, which serves as a setting and criminal activity scene in the detective role-playing game, you certainly sit down aesthetically.

A strange murder case in a Bavarian village before our time: What seems like the narrative thriller likewise uses to A Bavarian Tale: hushed up.

a Bavarian Tale: Sold dead-Sherlock Holmes satisfies white sausage and sauerkraut

You have to polish your nose and knock on the bush amongst the villagers because you naturally want to inform it in no time. With the dialog system you can generate the suspicious residents and pull them to your side while your abilities are queried with dice like a pen-and-paper role-playing game.

Physical use is also needed: you can pursue suspects inconspicuously and sneak through the thicket and along house walls or go on the offending if you are found. Your decisions must play the leading function and not just make sure various methods, but likewise affect history.

In the past you can feel in a Bavarian Tale: Sowing dead too: The Bavarian criminal offense thriller plays in 1866 and even then you have currently kept an outsider in the nation in the country. As a newly approached physics reporter Valentin Schmidt, you have it two times as difficult when an abrupt death shakes the community of Wolpertshofen.

You can see what the whole thing appears like in action in the trailer embedded above. The Bavarian voice output to be heard there is likewise included in the video game, which is why subtitles will be a valuable buddy on your adventure. With around ten hours of playing time and eleven different ends, you can show your detective abilities on the PC in A Bavarian Tale: from now on.


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