Wow: Hall of fame for Horde Full, Allianz still has a lot of time

9 weeks after the start of the very first Dragon Flight slaughterhouse vaults of the incarnations, the fame hall on the Horde side is totally filled. According to the ranking on, on February 7, 2023, the last three horde guilds totally made the 100 places and thus earned the title The Sturmfresser. In this raid animal, mythical mode begun together with normal and brave mode for the very first time. It should be stated that the main info from Blizzard can not be verified one hundred percent, given that the official splendor hall has actually not been upgraded by Blizzard since the end of January. It is questionable whether Horde guilds might still have a chance or that the popularity hall is still left open for a little longer, as was already the case in Shadow land.

Allianz has shown that plainly later on

In the past, cross-server mythical groups were just opened when the magnificence halls of both groups were filled with 100 guilds. According to's ranking, only 18 alliance guilds Nazareth were able to beat in mythical mode (as of February 8, 2023). The developers have currently weakened this rule in Shadow land when after 100 successful Horde guilds only eight alliance guilds had the ability to send the last boss on the highest level of difficulty on the boards. In Dragon flight, the Crossbeam mode for the mythical mode of the vault of the incarnations from February 15, 2023. So far, legendary guilds are still awaiting cross-faction guilds to be implemented so that guild members can choose their parliamentary group when they are placement in to Pursue the hall of fame.


When winning over the manager, the entry only uses if the well-part of the players (16) comes from a guild. Source | Towhead To home page Sebastian Glazer


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