Guide to Reaching 99 OSRS Magic Slayer with Konar's Slayer Tasks

Welcome to the world of Old School Runescape! Today we're going to learn how to get from 98 to 99 Magic Slayer with Konar's Slayer. This guide assumes you have 850,000 XP remaining towards 99 Magic. We will focus on different Slayer tasks to get to 99 as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

First task: Greater demons. These can be found in the Slayer Dungeon north of Konar. Killing them with a Trident will net around 25k XP and some Slayer points.

Second task: Abyssal demons in the Abyss. This task will net less than 800k towards 99, but it's still worth doing. Make sure to use a Trident the whole time.

Third task: Mummies in the Chaos Fanatic dungeon. This task is mainly for getting an Ancient Staff, which is needed for using Ancient Magic. Luckily, you can escape any potential PK attempts.

Fourth task: Jellies in the Catacombs of Corinne. This task is the best Magic XP. Bring Mithril darts to stack them up, then use Ice Barrage.

Fifth task: Ankou in the Slayer Tower. Just use a Trident and it should only take about 50 kills to finish this task.

Sixth task: Cow fights in the Cow Fight Cave. It's best not to use Magic here, as it's not the most effective. Use a Trident instead.

Seventh task: Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Corinne. It's possible to get an Imbued Heart drop here. Killing 245 of them will get you 67 Nature Runes, three Brimstone Keys, and a decent chunk of XP.

Eighth task: Gargoyles in the Slayer Tower. Use Fire Wave to quickly finish this task. You'll get a lot of osrs gold, bars, and a Mystic Rope Top.

Ninth task: Trolls underneath the Lighthouse. This task isn't multi and you can stack them up to Barrage quickly.

Tenth task: Cave Krakens in Kraken Cove. Use a Trident here and you'll get a lot of Nature Runes and some nice drops, such as a Trident of the Seas and a Kraken Tentacle.

Eleventh task: Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Corinne. Hopefully, you'll get a whip drop here.

Twelfth task: Jellies in the Catacombs of Corinne. You'll get some Brimstone Keys and 50,000 XP until 99 Magic.

Thirteenth task: Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Corinne. This task gets you the last bit of XP to 99 Magic.

Congratulations! You have now reached 99 Magic Slayer with Konar's Slayer! Keep an eye out for Imbued Heart drops and Brimstone Keys. With some luck, you can make a pretty penny from all the loot you received on the way.


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