Guides for Best Runescape Boss

In this guide, LOLTANK will go through a series of bosses and show how we can progress with a budget setup. We'll provide tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your gear, as well as how to use game mechanics to your advantage. We'll also look at how to farm for supplies that can help you upgrade your gear and make your bossing experience more efficient.


We'll start with Bandos, which is a great boss to start on. It drops Bandos Sire and can drop Bando's items, which are great for players just starting out. Make sure to get a Totem of Intimidation to increase your kill count. You can also get clues, supplies, and a Hard Clue Scroll. 

Queen Black Dragon

Next, we'll look at Queen Black Dragon which can drop the Draconic Visage, Dragon Bones, Royal Dye, Super Restore, and a level 80 Royal Crossbow. It's a mid-level boss and can test your PVM abilities. Make sure to use Super Antifire and be aware of the firewalls and Tortured Souls.


Finally, we'll look at Hellhounds which can drop tier 85 dual wield set, Chaose Wand, and Orb as well as Anima Core Armor set. For these drops, you can use seed drops to plant dimes which you can then sell.

With the right gear and knowledge, you can tackle some of the toughest bosses in the game with a budget setup. Make sure to take the time to learn game mechanics and master them to maximize your efficiency. Good luck!


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