How to Beat Runescape 3 Razor in the Elder God Wars Dungeon?

Runescape Razor is one of the bosses in the Elder God Wars Dungeon and is one of the most challenging fights in Runescape. It requires a great deal of preparation and understanding of the fight mechanics to succeed, but it is possible to get it done with minimal gear and knowledge. This guide will explain how to beat Razor with a budget setup and a night halberd.

First, you'll want to make sure you have the right gear. A night halberd is a great choice for the fight, as it has high accuracy and can protect you from Razor's special attacks. You'll also want to make sure you bring lots of food and potions, as well as a Vampyrism aura or a brawler or Zerker aura to help reduce damage taken.

Next, you'll want to pay attention to the fight mechanics. Razor has five different mechanics you'll need to be aware of, and they all have different attack patterns. First, he'll start with a special attack that you'll want to anticipate and use protection prayer for. Then, he'll do a web attack that you'll want to anticipate and use Freedom for. After that, he'll do a swipe attack and an auto-attack, which you'll want to use reflect and debilitating for. Then, he'll do the triple lightning wall attack which you'll want to use double surge. Finally, he'll do the cocoon attack which you'll want to use Freedom for.

Once you've mastered the mechanics, you'll want to make sure you stay on top of the minions. Razor will spawn minions throughout the fight, and you'll want to make sure you focus on taking them out first. He'll also do a special spider spawn which you'll want to focus on taking out quickly, as it can do a lot of damage.

you'll want to make sure you use your defensive abilities. Debilitate and Reflect are both very useful in this fight, as they'll help reduce the amount of damage you take. You'll also want to use your devotion prayer and enhanced Excalibur to help heal yourself while you're attacking Razor.

It's important to deal with all the minions, otherwise, the spider can spawn a mirror back in Phase Four which can be very difficult to handle. To avoid damage, you should use Devo and Bleed racks. You should also avoid using Rejuvenation and depleting all of your adrenaline for health. During Phase Three, the spider will have an increased attack rate and will spawn special spiders. You can use Debilitate to reduce damage or use Reflect and Freedom to dodge attacks. In Phase Four, you should take your time and use your defensive abilities as much as possible. You also want to camp melee and switch to Protect from Magic when the spider uses a Magic attack. You can also use Barricade to reduce damage. When you reach the Acid spawn, don't move too much and focus on your prayer flicks. Finally, when you get the spider to 50K, you can finish it off.

If you want to make the most of the spider, you can also do the Raxxer fight. It may take longer but it will give you the chance to get spider legs, brew flask, super stores, overloads, and onyxes.

With the right gear, knowledge of the fight mechanics, and the use of your defensive abilities, it is possible to beat Razor with a budget setup and night halberd. It may take some practice and preparation, but with the right strategy, you can be victorious!


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