How to Farming Runescape Gold and XP with Elite Dungeon Runs?

We'll be continuing on our journey and making progress on the Runescape account. We'll be doing daily challenges, buying supplies, and taking on bosses with the goal of getting the best in slot gear and achieving the reaper crew achievement.

First, we'll be stocking up on supplies. We'll be getting our necessary runes and potions, and even doing some rune crafting to make our own wax. We'll also be doing our daily challenges, gathering divine locations, and doing daily tasks so that we can get a bit of extra XP.

Next, we'll be taking on bosses. We'll be starting with the Corporeal Beast, as it's a great source of Runescape Gold and XP. We'll also be taking on other bosses such as Raxi, Venenatis, and Vorkath so that we can get the best in slot gear. We'll also be going for the reaper crew achievement, which is getting the kill count for every single boss in the game.

we'll be doing some elite dungeons to get some extra XP and money. We'll be trying to get the venom blood perk from Raxi, as it'll make a huge difference in our endgame PVM.

We should have a much better account, with better gear and better XP. We'll be much closer to our endgame goals and will be much better prepared to take on the toughest bosses in the game. 

Used a combination of brews, flasks, and rock tails to get through the run. This gave them a one-to-one ratio of brews to rock tails and allowed them to have enough energy to complete the run. They also used their arrows to move through the game and to get past certain obstacles. 

The rewards obtained from this run included 19 ancient scales and 20 million gp. The ancient scales can be used to craft powerful armor and weapons while the gp can be used to purchase other items or to upgrade their existing gear. In addition to these rewards, the streamer also gained bonus experience, which can be used to level up faster. 

In conclusion, Elite Dungeon runs can be difficult, but with the right strategy and rewards, they can be extremely rewarding. By using brews, flasks, and rock tails, the streamer was able to complete their run in an hour and obtain 19 ancient scales and 20 million gp. This also gave them bonus experience, which can help them progress even further. 


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