Make Runescape Gold By easy-to-kill monsters

Welcome to our guide on easy-to-kill monsters in Runescape 3 that can lead to a lot of Runescape Gold! Whether you're a low-level player or a seasoned veteran, these monsters require 1092 prey, overloads, and the best gear you can bring to make the most money. Let's jump into the guide and get the most bang for your buck! 

First up is the Lava Strike Worms found in the Wilderness. These monsters require a 94 Slayer level and drop Ashes which are currently selling for around 45,000 gp each. With high-level gear, you can kill them in a matter of seconds. Low-level gear should also be good enough to take them out and you can use Ganodermic or Royal Dragon Hide. Be sure to bring a Magic notepad so you don't have to bank, and if you have a legendary pet, you can have it pick up the ashes for you. 

Next, we're talking about Giant Mimics, found in Beginner Mode. These require only low-level gear and no food. Buy a Mimic Token from the Grand Exchange and kill the Giant Mimic to get Scrimshaws which sell for a great amount of money. 

We have God Wars Dungeon One bosses. These require Soul Split, Vampirism Aura, or Overloads. The drops from these can be really good, such as Armadillo armor, so be sure to bring a bunyip for healing, and a DPS familiar for extra damage. Search for AFK Bandos or AFK Creara on YouTube for guides on how to easily AFK these bosses. 

The Profane Elves are great money makers, as they drop a multitude of rare items. These items include the profane crest, profane helm, profane boots, profane greaves and profane cloak. All these items are worth a lot of money, so it's definitely worth your time to kill these monsters. 

In addition to the items mentioned, the Profane Elves also drop runes, herbs, noted herbs, charms and other miscellaneous items. The best way to kill these monsters is to use a combination of Magic and Ranged attacks, as they are weak to both of these combat styles. It is also highly recommended to have the Protect from Magic prayer active, as it will reduce the damage taken from their special attacks. 

We hope this guide has been helpful and that you're able to make some good money from these easy to kill monsters! Good luck and have fun!


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