PlayStation 3 Receives New Update - Experience the Retro Gaming Classic on Sony's Console

It seems joke, but today the console of two generations of Sony, PS3, is still used by many people who want to try some experiences that they did not do at the time. The same means that the digital games continue to sell in the store, which was going to be closed a few years ago but in the end they regretted doing it. And although it may sound incredible the device continues to receive updates from time to time, and just a few hours ago, version 4.90 arrived so that users can download. Something that should be clear, is that you cannot enter online services without having made this download, so it is mandatory unless they do not use said sections.


On 02/28/23, an update of the PlayStation 3 system software was launched.

To download the update, you need a minimum of 200 MB of free space in the PS3 hard drive (system update) or in a removable storage medium (PC update).

Always update your PS3 system to the latest version of the system software. When updating, you can enjoy additional functions, improved usability and improved safety. It is worth mentioning that the update does not bring great changes or something similar.

It is simply the performance improvements of the console, this to avoid bugs or other details that can hinder their operation. For now, the PS3 store is still active. Via: PlayStation Editor's note: It is good that this type of thing continues to be offered to users who have not yet moved to generate. Although it is possible that the machine is completely out of use.


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