Top 3 Making Old School Runescape Gold Guides

Are you looking to make some quick Gold in Old School Runescape? Look no further! In this guide, we will be discussing some unusual Gold-makers in the game that can help you make a fortune in no time.

Collecting undead raw beef

This meat can only be obtained by killing undead cows on Alice's Farm west of Port Phasmatys. It cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange, but it can be traded amongst players, making it perfect as a collectible item. There are tens of thousands of players on Runescape who collect unique and untradable items like this. Check out the RS Burnt Discord or other similar marketplaces to find players who are looking to buy this item.

To collect undead raw beef, set up a cannon in the cow pen and let it go to work on the undead cows. Use a rapier to finish off any that happen to survive. Every time your inventory is full of raw undead beef, teleport to the crafting guild bank and then teleport back with the electrophile. If your runner energy happens to get low, just teleport to your house and use the ornate rejuvenation pool. Repeat this process and you can collect a large amount of raw undead beef in no time.

After collecting 1002 raw undead meat, We found a player on the RS Burnt Discord named Merchant who was buying the meat for 1500 GP each. Conveniently, the Merchant was only accepting trades with a minimum of 1000 meat. We met up with the Merchant in-game and was rewarded with 1,503,000 GP for their one hour of hard work. Subtracting the cost of 1635 cannonballs, which cost 268,000 GP, We were left with a final profit of 1,234,860 GP.

Rune Warhammer

To start, the Rune Warhammer method involves buying Rune Warhammers from the Grand Exchange for less than 25,000 gp and selling them to the Grimmon's Battle Gear Shop in Relica for 29,050 GP. The shop buys the hammers for three percent less every time the stock goes up. The method can be repeated across different worlds to maximize profit. The sweet spot for selling is two hammers per world, although more can be sold for less profit per hammer. There is a buy limit of 70 hammers every 4 hours, so the method requires some waiting.

With this method, the guide's author was able to profit over 750k gp in 10 minutes by selling two Rune Warhammers on 35 worlds. By leaving an offer overnight and buying 279 more hammers, they were able to sell all of them for a profit of 1 million 87,122 gp after spending 6 million 866,118 gp on the hammers from the Grand Exchange.

Looting Ogre Coffins in Jiggig

To do this, players need an Ogre Coffin Key, which is a guaranteed drop from killing a Skogre or a Zogre. Players can open around 650 ogre coffins per hour, with the potential to make Gold from four items: Black Nails, Further Bones, Rock Bones, and Ogre Bones. The latter sells for 39,000 gp each, but the drop rate is less than 3 percent.

We were able to buy 650 keys for 1.2 million gp and open them quickly by spam-clicking between two specific ogre coffins. While trying the method in the past, they only made 100 gp in an hour, but they think it might be worth another shot, especially if the key prices are reasonable.

In conclusion, collecting undead raw beef is a great way to make some quick OSRS GP in Old School Runescape. Check out marketplaces like the RS Burnt Discord to find buyers for unusual items you may have. With a bit of research, you can turn what may seem like junk in your bank into a fortune.


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