Old School Runescape Fletching, Enchanting, and Nightshade

The Old School Runescape Onyx bolts have been selling like hotcakes, making them a profitable venture for us. Additionally, we've been working on fletching Chronicle Bolts, which provide a relaxed and speedy training method. With our newfound level 90 Fletching, we can now craft Dragon Arrows, and at level 95, we'll be able to make Dart Tips. While Fletching is profitable, we are also considering utilizing Onyx bolts for Magic XP and enchanting. Enchanting bolts can be even more lucrative, and we'll explore this avenue in the near future.

Fletching Progress:

We start with 89 Fletching, and our primary focus is crafting Onyx Bolts. As you can see, we have made significant progress in Fletching over the past few episodes. In fact, we have managed to reach level 90 Fletching during! It's an impressive achievement considering we started at level 53 a couple of episodes ago. The Onyx bolts were selling quickly and making us a decent profit. With our new Fletching level, we can make dragon arrows, and at level 95, we'll be able to make Dart tips. We plan to continue buying Onyx bolts when they're cheap and Fletching them for the experience. However, we are also considering utilizing the Onyx bolts for magic experience and enchanting, as it can be even more profitable.

The Gifts from the Heart Promo:

During this time, the Gifts from the Heart promo has concluded. The promo was related to stained glass windows and provided a chance to guarantee a purple prize. While the promo wasn't great for experience, we managed to obtain some loot and a large star. Now that the promo is over, we plan to focus on enchanting at the Grand Exchange.

Unlocking the Spring Cleaner:

We recently had the opportunity to participate in the "Evolution of Combat" promo and unlocked something massive for our account - the Spring Cleaner. Due to our high Invention level may not have been as impactful as it would have been earlier, but it's still a significant upgrade. The Spring Cleaner will be invaluable for generating GP through breaking down drops, especially when engaging in PvM bossing and Slayer activities. We'll be working on leveling up the Spring Cleaner to its maximum potential by using the tight springs obtained from various promos.

Runecrafting and Future Plans:

Our Runecrafting level has reached 88, and we are closing in on our goal of level 90. Once we reach level 90, we plan to utilize our lamps to boost our Invention level, as level 80 in Invention will grant us a decent amount of experience. We'll also use the Silverhawks and enchanting spells to further train our Magic level. In terms of future plans, we aim to focus on Slayer and work towards reaching level 99. The Spring Cleaner will play a crucial role in generating GP during our Slayer journey.

Nightshade and Enchanting:

During, we took the opportunity to complete the "Watchtower" quest to gain access to the Scabarites Caves. This allowed us to collect Nightshade, a valuable resource used in Herblore for creating weapon poison and can be quite profitable. While enchanting Onyx bolts, we decided to gather Nightshade from the Scabarites Caves, maximizing our time spent and earning potential. We found this method to be an effective way to make money while training our Magic skill. Nightshade is not a common drop and needs to be picked manually, making it even more valuable. Additionally, we plan to gather Nightshade to afford high-tier herblore supplies like overloads.

Ingredients for Weapon Poison:

You'll need three main components to create weapon poison potions: Nightshade, Coconut Milk, and Poison Ivy Berries. Nightshade can be obtained by completing the "Watchtower" quest, providing access to the Scabarites Caves. Once you have Nightshade, proceed to gather Coconut Milk and Poison Ivy Berries.

Coconut Milk:

Coconut Milk is a key ingredient in creating weapon poison and can be a decent money maker on its own. To maximize your profits, it's essential to buy Coconut Milk at a low price and sell it when the price is high. Keep an eye on the market and aim to purchase Coconut Milk when it's around 15,000 coins or lower. Remember to consider any transaction fees and calculate your potential profit.

Creating Weapon Poison Potions:

Once you have Nightshade and Coconut Milk, break open coconuts to obtain Coconut Shells. Use the Coconut Milk on the Coconut Shell to create an Unfinished Weapon Poison Potion. Finally, add Poison Ivy Berries to the Unfinished Potion to create a Weapon Poison Potion. This completed potion can be sold for a profit.

Enhancing Weapon Poison:

For an additional boost in profits and some Herblore experience, consider upgrading the Weapon Poison Potion to Weapon Poison+ or Weapon Poison++ potions. To create Weapon Poison++, you'll need a Primal Pulp and a Poison Slime. This enhanced version of the potion generally sells for a higher price and provides decent experience per potion.

Enchanting and Money Making:

Enchanting is another avenue for making money in Runescape. Certain items, such as Onyx bolts, can be enchanted to increase their value. While enchanting Onyx bolts, you can simultaneously gather Nightshade from the Scabarites Caves. Nightshade is a valuable resource used in Herblore, and its rarity makes it quite profitable. Incorporating Nightshade gathering into your enchanting routine can boost your overall earnings.


This guide explored a profitable method involving weapon poison and enchanting in Runescape. You can create weapon poison potions and sell them for a profit by combining Nightshade, Coconut Milk, and Poison Ivy Berries.


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