The Lost Tribe Guide for RuneScape 3

Welcome to this guide on completing the quest "The Lost Tribe" in RuneScape 3. Whether you're a regular player or an Iron Man, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the quest. The green text represents essential requirements, while the white text explains where to acquire the necessary items for Iron Man mode. Take a moment to review the list on the screen, and feel free to pause the video if you need a closer look. Let's dive straight into the guide!

To begin the quest, make your way to the northern staircase in Lumbridge Castle. You can reach the castle by using the Lumbridge lodestone or a regular Lumbridge teleport. Once inside, climb up one floor and enter the nearby room to the southeast. Speak to Sigmund and select the first option, "Do you have any quests for me?" Then, accept the quest.

During the quest, you'll need to interact with various NPCs. Although the chat options may differ depending on completed quests, I'll provide the actual text to avoid any confusion. You don't have to speak to every NPC listed, but read their dialogue and stop when one of them mentions a goblin in the basement. If you prefer, you can speak to all of them without reading the dialogue.

Here are the NPCs you need to interact with:

Duke Horatio (same room as Sigmund)

The Cook (kitchen downstairs)

Other NPCs labeled on the map (Note: Hans tends to move around the castle grounds but can be found there. Choose the chat options related to the castle cellar.)

Ask each NPC about what happened in the cellar until one of them mentions a goblin in the basement. If you speak to Father Eric and he begins talking about gravestones, complete that dialogue by selecting the first option, "Can you change my gravestone?" Then, speak to him again to ask about what happened in the cellar.

Once you have spoken to all the NPCs or when one of them mentions a goblin in the basement, return to Duke Horatio in the Lumbridge Castle's upstairs room where you started the quest. Speak to Duke Horatio and choose the dialogue option that refers to whichever NPC saw something in the cellar.

Next, climb down the staircase to the south and head to the kitchen. Access the trapdoor in the kitchen and proceed to the southeast corner of the room. Ensure that your light source is lit and squeeze through the hole in the east wall. Run a bit southeast toward the red dot on the map and pick up The Brooch. To exit this area, either squeeze through the same hole you came from or use a teleport.

Speak to Duke Horatio again and select the option, "I dug through rubble." Now, make your way to the Varrock Palace Library. You can reach the vicinity by using a regular Varrock teleport or various teleportation methods such as the Skills Necklace (with Cooking Guild), Combat Bracelet (Champions Guild), or Varrock Lodestone. Speak to Historian Minas and choose the third option, "Ask about The Brooch."

Search the northern bookcase on the west wall to find the Goblin Symbol Book. Read the book and flip through the pages. Now, head to the building located in the northern part of Goblin Village. You can reach this area by using a mining altar teleport, Falador lodestone, regular Falador teleport, or Burthorpe lodestone. Speak to either one of the generals and select the following options:

General Bentnoze: Option 2

General Wartface: Option 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 1, or refer to the image on the screen.

Return to the Lumbridge Castle kitchen and climb down the trapdoor. Proceed to the southeast corner of the room, ensuring your light source is lit. Squeeze through the hole carefully. Now, pay close attention. You need to navigate through a tunnel by following the exact path shown in the article. Be cautious with your clicks, as clicking too far ahead may cause your character to run in the wrong direction. Click where the icons on the map indicate or choose short-distance clicks for added safety.

If you take a wrong turn, you'll be sent to Lumbridge Swamp Caves, your light source will extinguish, and you'll take damage. In that case, you'll have to return to the kitchen and start over. Once you've reached the eastern side of the tunnel, locate a goblin named Mistag and stand next to him. Open your Emotes tab and find the Goblin Bow emote to perform it. After completing the emote, finish the dialogue and right-click Mistag, selecting the "Follow" option. You'll end up back on the other side. Squeeze through the hole or use a teleport to exit the area.

Head back to Duke Horatio and speak to him, selecting the option, "I made contact with the cave goblins." Locate Sigmund in the same room and right-click him to pickpocket and obtain a key. Enter the room to the south and open the chest along the north wall to find some Ham Robes. These robes will be useful for future quests in the series, so it's recommended to keep them even after completing this quest.

If the old mine entrance isn't open, right-click it and choose "Pick lock" until it opens. This might take a few attempts. Once it's open, climb down the entrance. When you're in the mine, head a few steps south and search the crate to find the stolen silverware. Return to Duke Horatio, and you can either climb up the ladder to the north or use a teleport to exit the mine.

Speak to Duke Horatio once again and select the dialogue option that says, "I found the mystic silverware in the Ham cave." Duke will provide you with a peace treaty. Now, return to the tunnel downstairs below the kitchen, ensuring your light source is lit. You don't have to navigate through the tunnel again. Instead, head southeast a bit until you find a goblin named Kasgar. Right-click him and choose "Follow" to reach the other side. Find Mistag and speak to him to trigger a conversation cutscene.


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