Old School RuneScape Sailing Skill Guide - Navigating the Uncharted Waters

Over the past six months, the Old School RuneScape community and development team have embarked on an exciting journey to introduce a brand-new skill: Sailing. As the time draws near to decide whether sailing should find its way into the game, we welcome adventurers to this comprehensive summary blog about sailing skills. I'm your host, Noam, and today we'll be delving into the grand picture of what sailing entails. We've covered all aspects of the sailing developer blog in video, infographic, and text formats. This video provides a brief overview of the extensive work accomplished thus far. If you're seeking more in-depth information, please refer to the links in the description. Without further ado, let's set sail!

A Skill Like No Other

Sailing is a utility skill that centres around mastering the art of harnessing the wind to navigate uncharted territories in Gielinor. It's designed to adhere to the classic Old School definition of a skill, while introducing fresh and unique content. This skill is designed to be approachable and relaxing for all players, yet offers complexity and challenges for those seeking more. It integrates seamlessly into the existing world while unveiling new areas to explore. The reward system utilizes a mix of old and new resources, offering valuable feedback and benefits to other skills. As a standalone skill, sailing offers a deeply engaging and enjoyable progression experience.

Setting Sail

So, how does the sailing skill work? As detailed in the navigation blog, players can obtain a boat through various means, such as purchasing, building, stealing, or completing an introductory quest called "Made in Voyage." When you set sail, you'll find yourself in the same non-instance world as other players, but this time on the open water. Ships are unique entities that move using traditional point-and-click mechanics. The speed and turning radius of your ship depend on factors like the wind and the ship's size. Whether you're aboard a small vessel for shallows, a large ship for open waters, or a colossal vessel for deep waters, you'll experience the fluidity and natural feel that the development team has worked hard to achieve.

Activities and Adventures on the High Seas

While sailing, you can explore, interact, and engage with various activities and challenges. This ranges from walking around your moving vessel, bringing along other players and NPC crewmates, to engaging in combat, chatting with others, or even lighting a campfire on your ship. The gameplay blog covers a spectrum of activities, categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary gameplay.

Primary gameplay involves sailing-related activities, such as charting the sea, salvaging shipwrecks, performing port tasks, taking on Barracuda trials, and engaging in naval combat. Secondary activities blend sailing with other skills, like sea monster hunting, coral farming, and deep-sea trawling. Tertiary activities are broader endeavors, such as ship PvP, treasure hunting, aquariums, and more.

Rewards and Enhancements

The rewards you gain from the sailing skill focus on enhancing your boat through ship and facility upgrades. Ship upgrades improve your vessel's hull, sails, and rudder, affecting health, speed, and turning capabilities. Facilities are tools you can build on your ship, similar to furniture in your house. They encompass skilling facilities (salvaging crane, harpoon, weighted net), utility facilities (cooking range, cargo hold, lantern), and combat facilities (rams, ballistae, cannons). Larger ships can accommodate more osrs gold and facilities, enabling customization for various activities.

Exploring New Horizons

The world of Gielinor is expanding with the addition of sailing. Ports become gateways between land and sea, where you can manage your ship, trade goods, pick up tasks, and recruit crewmates. Speaking of crewmates, on large or colossal ships, you can enlist players or pre-existing NPCs to help you manage your ship. Quests that involve the sea will be adapted to incorporate sailing mechanics and offer sailing XP lamps as rewards. Moreover, mythical sea creatures like the char-high, dark Dame, and Royal car can be encountered while sailing, adding a sense of adventure to the high seas.

Your Influence Matters

The sailing skill is not set in stone; it hinges on the players' choices. When the poll goes live, your votes will determine whether sailing becomes a part of the Old School RuneScape experience. The future of the game lies in your hands, as you shape the direction it takes. The next steps involve creating a beta version to align with players' expectations, fine-tuning details like the skill cape and icons, and deciding which secondary activities will launch. Your journey as a sailor, explorer, and adventurer awaits – the vast ocean of Gielinor beckons!


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