Path of Exile Build Guide: Crafting and Using Trade Website

In this guide, we'll cover how to effectively use the trade website in Path of Exile during league start to craft powerful items. We'll provide examples of crafting specific gear pieces using the trade website's search functionality and explain the process step by step.

Introduction: The Importance of Trade Website

At the beginning of a new league in Path of Exile, knowing how to efficiently use the trade website can greatly accelerate your character's progression. By leveraging the trade website's search features and crafting techniques, you can acquire powerful items at a fraction of the cost compared to crafting from scratch.

Crafting Gloves for the Temple

Let's start with an example of crafting gloves for a specific build. We'll focus on getting the "Increased Damage with Hits against Enemies on Full Life," one of the Temple modifiers. Most players only care about this particular modifier, so the goal is to craft gloves that provide it along with other desired stats.

Search for Modifiers: Go to the trade website and search for gloves that have at least one of the Temple modifiers you're interested in, such as "Increased Damage with Hits against Enemies on Full Life."

Craft of Exile: Check the available crafting modifiers for the item. In this case, look for "Chaos Resistance" and "Increased Attack Speed" modifiers. These are desirable stats that can be kept.

Initial Purchase: Find a pair of gloves with at least one desired Temple modifier and other usable stats. Purchase them from the trade website.

Prefix Modification: If the gloves have unwanted prefixes, use the Eldritch Orb to remove one prefix.

Suffix Modification: Craft "Suffixes Cannot Be Changed" using the Wild Bramble Matron craft.

Reforging Attack Speed: Use Harvest crafting to reforge the attack speed modifier. Reforging has a one-in-four chance to hit the desired modifier. Repeat until you achieve the desired modifier.

Additional Reforging: If you're not satisfied with the prefixes, you can use the "Suffixes Cannot Be Changed" craft from the Wild Bramble Matron. This allows you to keep the crafted attack speed while re-rolling the prefixes.

Elemental Resistance Conversion: If you want different elemental resistances, you can modify the elemental resistance modifier through Harvest crafting.

Crafting Rings

Next, let's explore crafting rings using a similar approach.

Search for Rings: Look for rings with desirable stats such as elemental resistances, chaos resistance, and spell damage. An empty prefix or crafted prefix is also beneficial.

Initial Purchase: Buy a suitable ring from the trade website.

Craft of Exile: Examine the available crafting modifiers, including those for resistances and damage.

Crafting Suffixes: Use the Wild Bramble Matron to craft "Suffixes Cannot Be Changed."

Unveiling and Crafting: Unveil the movement speed mod and craft maximum life using Harvest crafting.

Exalted Orb Crafting: If desired, use an Exalted Orb or an Awakener's Orb to add a desired modifier.

Crafting Body Armors

For body armor crafting, consider obtaining a +2 AoE or +2 Duration implicit modifier.

Search for Implicit Mods: Look for body armors with the +2 AoE or +2 Duration implicit modifier.

Initial Purchase: Purchase a suitable body armor from the trade website.

Socket Crafting: If the armor doesn't have six sockets, you can use crafting benches to modify sockets and links.

Tainting Currency: Use Tainting Orbs to modify sockets and links further.

Crafting Amulets

Lastly, let's explore crafting amulets with a specific mod.

Search for Amulets: Look for amulets with a specific mod such as +1 to Fire Gems for a Righteous Fire build.

Initial Purchase: Buy a suitable amulet from the trade website.

Crafting Prefixes: Use crafting benches and orbs to modify prefixes. You can remove modifiers, add modifiers, and reforge as needed.

Exalted Orb Crafting: Use Exalted Orbs to add desired modifiers, taking care to craft wisely based on your build's needs.

Conclusion: Crafting Your Build

By understanding the trade website's search mechanics and utilizing various crafting methods, you can enhance your character's gear significantly during league start. While these crafting methods might not be the most budget-friendly, they offer cost-effective alternatives to crafting from scratch. With careful planning and creative use of the trade website, you can create powerful items that contribute to the success of your build in Path of Exile.


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