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Welcome to the world of Old School RuneScape, where exciting updates continue to enrich the gameplay experience. In this article, we'll dive into the upcoming Hunter Guild in the enchanting land of Vore. This new addition promises to breathe new life into the Hunter skill, offering a fresh array of challenges, rewards, and gameplay. Get ready to embark on a thrilling hunting adventure like never before!


The Hunter Guild in Vore introduces a unique concept called "Hunter Rumors," offering players tasks to track down and hunt creatures across Gielinor. These creatures may include familiar classics or brand-new Hunter creatures. To obtain a rumor, you'll need to visit the Hunter Guild in Vore and speak to one of the hunters there.

Each hunter at the guild will provide different rumors, suitable for various Hunter levels. You can only have one active rumor at a time, similar to Slayer tasks. If you wish to change your rumor or none of the rumors interest you, you can trade spare creature parts for a lower-tier Hunter to reset available rumors. 

Here are the current rumor tiers:

Basic (Level 46 Hunter)

Tier 1 (Level 57 Hunter)

Tier 2 (Level 72 Hunter)

Tier 3 (Level 91 Hunter)

Tracking and Hunting Rumors:

Once you've selected a rumor to investigate, prepare to embark on a hunting expedition. While hunting, you'll have the chance to collect special rare creature parts. These parts can be traded with the hunter who provided the rumor for bonus XP drops and a loot sack filled with valuable Hunter items, such as meats, furs, and bones. Additionally, you may come across unique Vore-specific items that can be used in various activities in the region.

Wearing the full Hunter Skilling outfit provides a 2.5% catch rate boost and a 5% increased chance to obtain rare creature parts. Higher-tier rumors are more likely to yield unique items, so don't shy away from challenging yourself with difficult tasks.

Quetzel Transport Network:

Vore's Guild maintains a network of quetzel transport birds, majestic creatures that can carry you across the continent. By visiting the Guild's rooftop, you can witness these stunning birds and even get a chance to ride one. Guild members receive a quetzel whistle, enabling them to quickly return to the Guild from any location in Gielinor (excluding the Wilderness).

There are three quetzel whistle tiers: basic, enhanced, and preferred. The higher the tier, the more charges the whistle can hold. You can earn the basic whistle blueprint after completing five rumors of any level. Enhanced and preferred blueprints can be obtained as random drops from completing rumors. If luck isn't on your side, you can also trade for blueprints on the Grand Exchange.

Charge your quetzel whistle by feeding Hunter Guild quetzels their favorite snack: meats from Hunter creatures. Higher-level meats satisfy the quetzels more and grant more charges. For unlimited charges, you can upgrade your preferred quetzel whistle by trading a substantial amount of Hunter Meats.

Eagles in Vore:

Eagles, the noble transport method introduced with the launch of Eagles Peak, haven't been forgotten in Vore. A special eagle nest and a Guild Eagle have been installed at the Hunter Guild. You can use these eagles to travel to various locations, and a quick travel option will make the experience more convenient.

New Creatures:

Vore introduces several new creatures to hunt, including moths, antelopes, jerboas, foxes, mountain salamanders, and more. Each creature offers unique drops and challenges, adding depth to the Hunter skill.

Hunter Cooking:

Hunter cooking is a new feature that allows you to cook meats obtained from hunting. These cooked meats provide a delayed healing effect that restores more HP over time compared to fish. Completing rumors and gaining the trust of the Guild's residents will unlock the ability to cook these special meats.

Mixed Hide Gear:

Introducing mixed hide gear, a new ranged set that combines Hunter furs from creatures like foxes and antelopes. This set offers a defense advantage while providing substantial range bonuses. Mixed hide gear opens up new possibilities for hybrid combat styles.

Hunter's Bolas:

Hunter's Bolas are unique ranged weapons designed for skilled hunters. They utilize the wielder's physical strength to snare and weaken opponents. These weapons roll their damage based on melee strength and come with a special attack that snares your target. Hunter's Bolas are consumable and offer a fresh combat dynamic for hunters.

Improving Existing Content:

The update also focuses on improving existing Hunter content. The Hunter crossbow receives an upgrade that enhances its range and damage potential, making it more competitive among ranged weapons. Additionally, trap storage options reduce the need for multiple trips to the bank, streamlining the hunting experience.


The Hunter Guild in Vore is set to revolutionize the Hunter skill in Old School RuneScape. With a plethora of new creatures to hunt, unique rewards, and quality-of-life improvements, this expansion promises to be a game-changer. Prepare yourself for thrilling hunts, exciting challenges, and a revitalized Hunter experience in the world of Gielinor. Stay tuned for more updates and be ready to embark on your next great adventure!


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